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  • Stewart, Craig A.; Repasky, Richard; Colbourne, John; Hart, David; Berry, Donald K.; Sheppard, Ray; Wernert, Eric; Papakhian, Mary; Huffman, John N. (3/9/2004)
  • Keller, Rainer; Hess, Matthias; Repasky, Richard; Colbourne, John; Stewart, Craig A.; Hart, David; Steinbachs, Jennifer; Wössner, Uwe; Berry, Donald K.; Müller, Matthias; Li, Huian (11/19/2003)
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Keller, Rainer; Repasky, Richard; Hess, Matthias; Hart, David; Müller, Matthias; Sheppard, Ray; Wössner, Uwe; Aumüller, Martin; Li, Huian; Berry, Donald K.; Colbourne, John (11/8/2004)
  • Peterson, Mark P.; Whittaker, Danielle J.; Ambreth, Shruthi; Sureschandra, Suhas; Buechlein, Aaron; Podicheti, Ram; Choi, Jeong-Hyeon; Lai, Zhao; Mockatis, Keithanne; Colbourne, John; Tang, Haixu; Ketterson, Ellen D. (BMC Genomics, 2012-07-09)
    Though genomic-level data are becoming widely available, many of the metazoan species sequenced are laboratory systems whose natural history is not well documented. In contrast, the wide array of species with very ...

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