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  • Karwowski, H.J.; Vigdor, S.E.; Jacobs, W.W.; Throwe, T.G.; Wark, D.L.; Kailas, S.; Singh, P.P.; Soga, F.; Ward, T.E.; Wiggins, J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1981)
  • Kammer, Elizabeth (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
    In natural logic, the goal is to create a system of logic that is as sim- ilar to natural language as possible. In order to build a natural logic, simple sentence forms are considered, slowly incorporating more ...
  • Spade, Paul Vincent
    A complete course, last taught in the Spring of 2011, devoted entirely to the thought of Søren Kierkegaard. The course is structured to present a common, "standard" picture of Kierkegaard's philosophy, and then to examine ...
  • Spade, Paul Vincent
    An annotated English translation of the "Foreword" to Søren Kierkegaard's pseudonymous work "Either/Or."
  • Collett, John (William B. Burford, Contractor for State Printing and Binding, 1881)
  • Indiana University, Department of Chemistry (2005)
  • Schmidt, Nancy J. (Indiana University Libraries, 1996)
    Table of contents for the Proceedings of the Future of Area Librarianship Conference.
  • Indiana University, Department of Chemistry (2004)
  • Indiana University, Department of Chemistry (2004)
  • Indiana University, Department of Chemistry (2004)
  • Holbek, Bengt; Hansen, Wm. F. (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1981)
  • LeDuc, Richard D (4/7/2014)
  • Stein, Sorah (Indiana University South Bend, 2013-10-09)
    When working within sexual health and with people who engage in varying topographies of sexual behavior, the first thing to remember is that sex is behavior: it’s something we do and it follows the same rules as all other ...
  • Fry, Eileen; Riley, Jenn (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2006-10-18)
  • Traditional Arts Indiana (Traditional Arts Indiana / Indiana University, 2010-10)
    In this issue: Neighbors from Burma: Images and Stories from the Chin Community (with dual text in Haka), Chin Folktale, Chin Community, Photovoice, Letter from the Curator, Chin National Day, Indiana State Fair, "The ...
  • Traditional Arts Indiana (Traditional Arts Indiana / Indiana University, 2009-04)
    This issue includes: Highlights from, TAI in the Community, Indiana State Fair, Rotating Exhibit Network preview, Notes from the Field--Steuben County Survey, "Looking at the Overlooked": What is Tradition?, ...
  • Traditional Arts Indiana (Traditional Arts Indiana / Indiana University, 2008)
    This issue features: the Crafting Sound exhibit, the Rotating Exhibit Network,, TAI's recognition by the state legislature, and TAI at the Indiana State Fair, including performances and the State Fair ...
  • Traditional Arts Indiana (Traditional Arts Indiana / Indiana University, 2008)
    Featured in this issue: Opening of the Center for Folk Traditions, TAI Activities in the Community, Rotating Exhibit Network overview, State Fair Fiddle Contest, State Fair Masters Gerry Gray and the Family Reunion String ...
  • Shlapentokh, Dmitry (Caucusus International, 2014)
    Since the beginning of his third term as president, Putin has promoted the creation of the “Eurasian Union” as one of Russia’s major foreign policy goals. In fact, what Moscow wants to construct is not much a neo-Soviet ...
  • Hallock, Barbara (2016-02-15)
    Indiana University provides its own private instance of Github, available to anyone with IU credentials. The wildly popular Git software is a social tool for tracking changes to text files - which makes it especially useful ...

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