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  • Hart, David; Grover, Douglas; Liggett, Matt; Repasky, Richard; Shields, Corey; Simms, Stephen; Sweeny, Adam; Wang, Peng (2003)
    Like many large institutions, Indiana University has thousands of desktop computers devoted primarily to running office productivity applications on the Windows operating system, tasks which are necessary but that do not ...
  • Henschel, Robert; Simms, Stephen C.; Hancock, David Y.; Michael, Scott; Johnson, Tom; Heald, Nathan; William, Thomas; Berry, Donald; Allen, Matt; Knepper, Richard; Davy, Matthew; Link, Matthew R.; Stewart, Craig A. (2012)
    Indiana University demonstrated use of the Lustre high performance parallel file system over an experimental 100 Gbps network made available as part of the SCinet Research Sandbox at the Supercomputing 2011 conference. ...
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Katz, Daniel S.; Hart, David L.; Lantrip, Dale; McCaulay, D. Scott; Moore, Richard L. (1/5/2011)
    This document describes the methodology and results of a survey of researchers as regards their cyberinfrastructure needs and preferences. The purpose of this survey was to elicit information and requirements from researchers ...
  • Stewart, Craig A.; McCaulay, D. Scott; Jul, Susanne; Moore, Richard L. (2011-03)
    In an effort to systematically investigate requirements for TeraGrid XD, the XROADS collaboration held during 2009 a series of requirements elicitation meetings (REM) with small groups of stakeholders. This report summarizes ...
  • Fox, Mark (First Monday, 2005-07)
    Considerable attention has been given to the legal implications arising from the distribution of music in a digital format via the Internet. However, less attention has been paid to the technological and social drivers of ...
  • Walsh, John A.; Simpson, Grant (Digital Humanities 2013, 2013-07-17)
  • Seltz, Herbert (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2005)
    Developed in association with the Indiana University Digital Library Program, the Televised Opera and Musical Comedy Database documents more than three-quarters of a century of opera, operetta and musical comedy telecasts ...
  • Hull, E.; Xing, J.; Komisarcik, K.; Vanderwerp, J.; Friesel, D.; Pehl, R.H.; Madden, N.; Luke, P.N.; Cork, C.; Malone, D. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1994)
  • Chen, Peng; Plale, Beth; Aktas, Mehmet S. (, 2012-09)
    Provenance of digital scientific data is an important piece of the metadata of a data object. It can however grow voluminous quickly because the granularity level of capture can be high. It can also be quite feature rich. ...
  • Botne, Robert (Department of Linguistics and the African Studies Center, The University of California Los Angeles, 1986-12)
  • Billings, Mary Brooke ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-06-01)
    This paper considers the conflicting disclosure and trading incentives faced by managers who become aware of negative earnings news. Prior work indicates that potential legal and reputational consequences provide managers ...
  • Gniady, Tassie (2016-01-22)
  • Buckmann, Steve; Pratt, Cathy (Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, 2002)
  • O'Donnell, James (Indiana University William T. Patten Foundation, 2008-10-30)
    Mass usage of the Internet is in its second decade, and Professor O'Donnell's Avatars of the Word, a study of the place of media in cultural history, is just ten years old. What have we learned, what haven't we learned, ...
  • Pitts, W.K.; Meyer, H.O.; Bland, L.C.; Brown, J.D.; Byrd, R.C.; Hugi, M.; Karwowski, H.J.; Schwandt, P.; Sinha, A.; Sowinski, J.; van Heerden, I.J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1986)
  • Pitts, W.K.; Meyer, H.O.; Bland, L.C.; Byrd, R.C.; Schwandt, P.; Sowinski, J.; Brown, J.D.; Hugi, M.; Karwowski, H.; Sinha, A.; van Heerden, I.J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1985)
  • Pitts, W.K.; Bland, L.; Meyer, H.O.; Schwandt, P.; Sinha, A.; Sowinski, J.; Brown, J.D.; Karwowski, H.J.; van Heerden, I.J.; Hugi, M. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1984)
  • Stewart, Craig A. (2/17/2010)
    This presentation introduces the TeraGrid and how/why to use it.
  • Catlett, Charlie; Allcock, William E.; Andrews, Phil; Aydt, Ruth; Bair, Ray; Balac, Natasha; Banister, Bryan; Barker, Trish; Bartelt, Mark; Beckman, Pete; Berman, Francine; Bertoline, Gary; Blatecky, Alan; Boisseau, Jay; Bottum, Jim; Brunett, Sharon; Bunn, Julian; Butler, Michelle; Carver, David; Cobb, John; Cockerill, Tim; Couvares, Peter F.; Dahan, Maytal; Diehl, Diana; Dunning, Thom; Foster, Ian; Gaither, Kelly; Gannon, Dennis; Goasguen, Sebastien; Grobe, Michael; Hart, Dave; Heinzel, Matt; Hempel, Chris; Huntoon, Wendy; Insley, Joseph; Jordan, Christopher; Judson, Ivan; Kamrath, Anke; Karonis, Nicholas; Kesselman, Carl; Kovatch, Patricia; Lane, Lex; Lathrop, Scott; Levine, Michael; Lifka, David; Liming, Lee; Livny, Miron; Loft, Rich; Marcusiu, Doru; Marsteller, Jim; Martin, Stuart; McCaulay, D. Scott; McGee, John; McGinnis, Laura; McRobbie, Michael; Messina, Paul; Moore, Reagan; Moore, Richard; Navarro, J.P.; Nichols, Jeff; Papka, Michael E.; Pennington, Rob; Pike, Greg; Pool, Jim; Reddy, Raghu; Reed, Dan; Rimovsky, Tony; Roberts, Eric; Roskies, Ralph; Sanielevici, Sergiu; Scott, J. Ray; Shankar, Anurag; Sheddon, Mark; Showerman, Mike; Simmel, Derek; Singer, Abe; Skow, Dane; Smallen, Shava; Smith, Warren; Song, Carol; Stevens, Rick; Stewart, Craig A.; Stock, Robert B.; Stone, Nathan; Towns, John; Urban, Tomislav; Vildibill, Mike; Walker, Edward; Welch, Von; Wilkins-Diehr, Nancy; Williams, Roy; Winkler, Linda; Zhao, Lan; Zimmerman, Ann (IOS Press, 2008)
    TeraGrid is a national-scale computational science facility supported through a partnership among thirteen institutions, with funding from the US Na- tional Science Foundation [1]. Initially created through a Major Research ...

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