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  • Leach, J.C. (William B. Burford, Contractor for State Printing and Binding, 1900)
  • Kinney, Bryce A. (William B. Burford, Contractor for State Printing and Binding, 1904)
  • Kinney, Bryce A. (William B. Burford, Contractor for State Printing and Binding, 1905)
  • Dinnsen, Daniel A.; Farris-Trimble, Ashley W. (IULC Publications, 2008)
  • Larson, Steve (Indiana University Graduate Theory Association, 1994)
  • Notess, Mark (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2009-12-09)
    Sakai 3 will eventually mean a major change in IU's Oncourse. This talk will provide an overview of Sakai 3 current plans and directions. A demo will illustrate some of the major changes coming in Sakai, including a new ...
  • Spade, Paul Vincent
    A course, last taught in the Fall of 2010, devoted entirely to St. Anselm of Canterbury. The course discusses not only Anselm's famous "ontological argument" and other arguments for the existence of God, but also his views ...
  • Kelty, Christopher M.; Fischer, Michael M. J.; Golub, Alex; Jackson, Jason Baird; Christen, Kimberly; Brown, Michael F.; Boellstorff, Tom (American Anthropological Association (Society for Cultural Anthropology), 2008-08)
    In a conversation format, seven anthropologists with extensive expertise in new digital technologies, intellectual property, and journal publishing discuss issues related to open access, the anthropology of information ...
  • Cox, E.T. (Indianapolis: Sentinel Company, Printers, 1875)
  • Pierce, Marlon; Marru, Suresh; Wijeratne, Saminda; Singh, Raminder; Suriyaarachchi, Heshan (2/27/2013)
  • Pierce, Marlon E.; Marru, Suresh; Gunathilake, Lahiru; Kanewala, Thejaka Amilia; Singh, Raminder; Wijeratne, Saminda; Wimalasena, Chathuri; Herath, Chathura; Chinthaka, Eran; Mattmann, Chris; ... (2014-06)
    This paper provides an overview of the Apache Airavata software system for science gateways. Gateways use Airavata to manage application and workflow executions on a range of backend resources (grids, computing clouds, and ...
  • Korkmaz, E.; Bland, L.C.; Jacobs, W.W.; Throwe, T.G.; Vigdor, S.E.; Green, M.C.; Jolivette, P.L.; Brown, J.D. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1986)
  • Schmidt, Nancy J. (Indiana University Libraries, 1996)
    A compilation of selected data from surveys returned by area librarians. Appendix III-A is an alphabetical list of languages known by area librarians. Appendix II-B is a list countries where area librarians have worked ...
  • Schmidt, Nancy J. (Indiana University Libraries, 1996)
    Includes the four questionnaires sent out for the National Survey on Area Librarianship. Appendix II-A is the Association of Research Libraries Director’s Version. Appendix II-B is the Library and Information Science ...
  • Schmidt, Nancy J. (Indiana University Libraries, 1996)
    A list of conference participants with their position title and home institution.
  • Schmidt, Nancy J. (Indiana University Libraries, 1996)
    Includes information about two discussion sessions that occurred during the conference. Appendix IV-A lists members of each discussion group. Group facilitators and reporters are also identified. Appendix IV-B lists ...
  • Schmidt, Nancy J. (Indiana University Libraries, 1996)
    Appendix V-A includes the conference evaluation questionnaire which was administered to participants on the last day of the conference. Appendix V-B is a detailed summary of responses garnered from the conference evaluation, ...
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Link, Matthew; McCaulay, D. Scott; Rodgers, Greg; Turner, George; Hancock, David; Wang, Peng; Saied, Faisal; Pierce, Marlon; Aiken, Ross; ... (2009)
    The purpose of this report is to present the results of benchmark tests with Big Red, an IBM e1350 BladeCenter Cluster. This report is particularly focused on providing details of system architecture and test run results ...
  • Cremer, Dana (Indiana University South Bend, 2007-06)
    This thesis presents the design, development, and implementation of an intelligent agent capable of solving a physical puzzle. The puzzle is a three dimensional maze in which a marble must be moved from its starting point ...
  • Lee, Tien-Chang; Rudman, Albert J.; Sjoreen, Andrea (Indiana Geological Survey, 1980)
    A program ( FINITEG) uses the finite-element method to deal with problems commonly encountered in the study of terrestrial heat flow. FINITEG can provide transient and steady-state solutions to one heat-flow problem or ...

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