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  • Haeberli, W.; Lorentz, B.; Rathmann, F.; Wise, T.; Dezarn, W.A.; Doskow, J.; Hardie, J.G.; Meyer, H.O.; Pollock, R.E.; von Przewoski, B.; Rinckel, T.; Sperisen, F.; Pancella, P.V. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1995)
  • Lisantti, J.; Stephenson, E.J.; Bacher, A.D.; Li, P.; Sawafta, R.; Schwandt, P.; Wells, S.P.; Wissink, S.W.; Unkelbach, W.; Wambach, J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1991)
  • Taddeucci, T.N.; Rapaport, J.; Goodman, C.D.; Bacher, A.D.; Foster, C.C.; Sugarbaker, E.; Koncz, P.; Horen, D.J.; Gaarde, C.; Larsen, J.S. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1982)
  • Taddeucci, T.N.; Goodman, C.D.; Byrd, R.C.; Van Heerden, I.J.; Carey, T.A.; McClelland, J.B.; Rees, L.; Horen, D.J.; Larsen, J.S.; Gaarde, C.; Rapaport, J.; Sugarbaker, E.; Krofcheck, D.; Wagner, A.J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1985)
  • Goodman, C.D.; Byrd, R.C.; van Heerden, I.J.; Carey, T.A.; Larsen, J.S.; Gaarde, C.; Taddeucci, T.N.; Rapaport, J.; Welch, T.P.; Sugarbaker, E. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1984)
  • Kovash, M.A.; Bacher, A.D.; Friesel, D.L.; Foster, C.C.; Olmer, C.; Blatt, S.L.; Donoghe, T.R.; Hausman, H.J.; Marchlenski, D.; Finn, J.M.; Lourie, R.W.; Pugh, W.; Ulmer, P.; Wiggins, J.; Hicks, S.E.; McEllistrem, M.T. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1983)
  • Comfort, J.R.; Austin, S.; Debevec, P.; Moake, G.; Finlay, R.; Love, W.G. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1977)
  • Scott, Alan; Baker, F. Todd; Grimm, M.A.; Johnson, J.H.; Penumetcha, V.; Styles, R.C.; Mowrey, J.A.; Love, W.G.; Jones, W.P.; Wiggins, J.D. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1979)
  • Scott, Alan; Baker, F. Todd; Jones, W.P.; Wiggins, J.P. Jr.; Styles, R.C. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1978)
  • Ablikim, M.; Achasov, M.N.; Alberto, D.; Ambrose, D.J.; An, F.F.; An, Q.; An, Z.H.; Bai, J.Z.; Baldini Ferroli, R.B.F.; Ban, Y.; Becker, J.; Berger, N.; Bertani, M.B.; Bian, J.M.; Boger, E.; Bondarenko, O.; Boyko, I.; Briere, R.A.; Bytev, V.; Cai, X.; Calcaterra, A.C.; Cao, G.F.; Chang, J.F.; Chelkov, G.; Chen, G.; Chen, H.S.; Chen, J.C.; Chen, M.L.; Chen, S.J.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y.B.; Cheng, H.P.; Chu, Y.P.; Cronin-Hennessy, D.; Dai, H.L.; Dai, J.P.; Dedovich, D.; Deng, Z.Y.; Denysenko, I.; Destefanis, M.; Ding Ding, W.L.; Ding, Y.; Dong, L.Y.; Dong, M.Y.; Du, S.X.; Fang, J.; Fang, S.S.; Feng, C.Q.; Fu, C.D.; Fu, J.L.; Gao, Y.; Geng, C.; Goetzen, K.; Gong, W.X.; Greco, M.; Gu, M.H.; Gu, Y.T.; Guan, Y.H.; Guo, A.Q.; Guo, L.B.; Guo, Y.P.; Han, Y.L.; Hao, X.Q.; Harris, F.A.; He, K.L.; He, M.; He, Z.Y.; Heng, Y.K.; Hou, Z.L.; Hu, H.M.; Hu, J.F.; Hu, T.; Huang, B.; Huang, G.M.; Huang, J.S.; Huang, X.T.; Huang, Y.P.; Hussain, T.; Ji, C.S.; Ji, Q.; Ji, X.B.; Ji, X.L.; Jia, L.K.; Jiang, L.L.; Jiang, X.S.; Jiao, J.B.; Jiao, Z.; Jin, D.P.; Jin, S.; Jing, F.F.; Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.; Kavatsyuk, M.; Kuehn, W.; Lai, W.; Lange, J.S.; Leung, J.K.C.; Li, C.H.; Li, C.; Li, C.; Li, D.M.; Li, F.; Li, G.; Li, H.B.; Li, J.C.; Li, K.; Li, L.; Li, N.B.; Li, Q.J.; Li, S.L.; Li, W.D.; Li, W.G.; Li, X.L.; Li, X.N.; Li, X.Q.; Li, X.R.; Li, Z.B.; Liang, H.; Liang, Y.F.; Liang, Y.T.; Liao, G.R.; Liao, X.T.; Liu, B.J.; Liu, C.L.; Liu, C.X.; Liu, C.Y.; Liu, F.H.; Liu, F.; Liu, F.; Liu, H.; Liu, H.B.; Liu, H.H.; Liu, H.M.; Liu, H.W.; Liu, J.P.; Liu, K.; Liu, K.; Liu, K.Y.; Liu, Q.; Liu, S.B.; Liu, X.; Liu, X.H.; Liu, Y.B.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.A.; Liu, Z.; Liu, Z.; Loehner, H.; Lu, G.R.; Lu, H.J.; Lu, J.G.; Lu, Q.W.; Lu, X.R.; Lu, Y.P.; Luo, C.L.; Luo, M.X.; Luo, T.; Luo, X.L.; Lv, M.; Ma, C.L.; Ma, F.C.; Ma, H.L.; Ma, Q.M.; Ma, S.; Ma, T.; Ma, X.Y.; Maggiora, M.; Malik, Q.A.; Mao, H.; Mao, Y.J.; Mao, Z.P.; Messchendorp, J.G.; Min, J.; Min, T.J.; Mitchell, R.E.; Mo, X.H.; Muchnoi, N. Yu.; Nefedov, Y.; Nikolaev, I.B.; Ning, Z.; Olsen, S.L.; Ouyang, Q.; Pacetti, S.P.; Park, J.W.; Pelizaeus, M.; Peters, K.; Ping, J.L.; Ping, R.G.; Poling, R.; Pun, C.S.J.; Qi, M.; Qian, S.; Qiao, C.F.; Qin, X.S.; Qiu, J.F.; Rashid, K.H.; Rong, G.; Ruan, X.D.; Sarantsev, A.; Schulze, J.; Shao, M.; Shen, C.P.; Shen, X.Y.; Sheng, H.Y.; Shepherd, M.R.; Song, X.Y.; Spataro, S.; Spruck, B.; Sun, D.H.; Sun, G.X.; Sun, J.F.; Sun, S.S.; Sun, X.D.; Sun, Y.J.; Sun, Y.Z.; Sun, Z.J.; Sun, Z.T.; Tang, C.J.; Tang, X.; Thorndike, E.H.; Tian, H.L.; Toth, D.; Varner, G.S.; Wang, B.; Wang, B.Q.; Wang, K.; Wang, L.L.; Wang, L.S.; Wang, M.; Wang, P.; Wang, P.L.; Wang, Q.; Wang, Q.J.; Wang, S.G.; Wang, X.F.; Wang, X.L.; Wang, Y.D.; Wang, Y.F.; Wang, Y.Q.; Wang, Z.; Wang, Z.G.; Wang, Z.Y.; Wei, D.H.; Wen, Q.G.; Wen, S.P.; Wiedner, U.; Wu, L.H.; Wu, N.; Wu, W.; Wu, Z.; Xiao, Z.J.; Xie, Y.G.; Xiu, Q.L.; Xu, G.F.; Xu, G.M.; Xu, H.; Xu, Q.J.; Xu, X.P.; Xu, Y.; Xu, Z.R.; Xue, Z.; Yan, L.; Yan, W.B.; Yan, Y.H.; Yang, H.X.; Yang, T.; Yang, Y.; Yang, Y.X.; Ye, H.; Ye, M.; Ye, M.H.; Yu, B.X.; Yu, C.X.; Yu, S.P.; Yuan, C.Z.; Yuan, W.L.; Yuan, Y.; Zafar, A.A.; Zallo, A.Z.; Zeng, Y.; Zhang, B.X.; Zhang, B.Y.; Zhang, C.C.; Zhang, D.H.; Zhang, H.H.; Zhang, H.Y.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, J.Q.; Zhang, J.W.; Zhang, J.Y.; Zhang, J.Z.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, S.H.; Zhang, T.R; Zhang, X.J.; Zhang, X.Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.H.; Zhang, Y.S.; Zhang, Z.P.; Zhang, Z.Y.; Zhao, G.; Zhao, H.S.; Zhao, J.; Zhao, L.; Zhao, L.; Zhao, M.G.; Zhao, Q.; Zhao, S.J.; Zhao, T.C.; Zhao, X.H.; Zhao, Y.B.; Zhao, Z.G.; Zhemchugov, A.; Zheng, B.; Zheng, J.P.; Zheng, Y.H.; Zheng, Z.P.; Zhong, B.; Zhong, J.; Zhou, L.; Zhou, X.K.; Zhou, X.R.; Zhu, C.; Zhu, K.; Zhu, K.J.; Zhu, S.H.; Zhu, X.L.; Zhu, X.W.; Zhu, Y.S.; Zhu, Z.A.; Zhuang, J.; Zou, B.S.; Zou, J.H.; Zuo, J.X. (American Physical Society, 2012)
    A partial wave analysis of the $p\bar{p}$ mass-threshold enhancement in the reaction $J/\psi\rightarrow\gamma p\bar{p}$ is used to determine its $J^\text{PC}$ quantum numbers to be $0^{-+}$, its peak mass to be below ...
  • Akchurin, N.; Bravar, A.; McPherson, J.; Olchowski, F.; Onel, Y.; Badano, L.; Conte, M.; Penzo, A.; Bravar, A.; Hall, J.; Pisent, A.; Pusterla, M.; Rinckel, T.; Rossmanith, R. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1992)
  • Jackson, Jason Baird (Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, 2002)
    Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium (L.) (= Gnaphalium obtusifolium L.) is an important plant used in the practice of traditional medicine among many Native American groups in eastern North America. This essay documents use ...
  • Gliboff, Sander (2002)
    In scientific controversy, as in sports, there are winners and losers, but sometimes also spoilers—unheralded outsiders, who defy convention and change the terms, the style, and the outcome of the competition, even if they ...
  • Kostelecký, V.A.; Samuel, S. (American Physical Society, 1989)
    The possibility of spontaneous breakdown of Lorentz symmetry in string theory is explored via covariant string field theory. A potential mechanism is suggested for the Lorentz breaking that may be generic in many string theories.
  • Bluhm, R.; Fung, S.-H.; Kostelecký, V.A. (American Physical Society, 2008)
    Theories with spontaneous local Lorentz and diffeomorphism violation contain massless Nambu-Goldstone modes, which arise as field excitations in the minimum of the symmetry-breaking potential. If the shape of the potential ...
  • Altschul, B.; Kostelecký, V.A. (Elsevier, 2005)
    Gauge-noninvariant vector field theories with superficially nonrenormalizable nonpolynomial interactions are studied. We show that nontrivial relevant and stable theories have spontaneous Lorentz violation, and we present ...
  • Bluhm, R.; Kostelecký, V.A. (American Physical Society, 2005)
    The fate of the Nambu-Goldstone modes arising from spontaneous Lorentz violation is investigated. Using the vierbein formalism, it is shown that up to 10 Lorentz and diffeomorphism Nambu-Goldstone modes can appear and that ...
  • Sheley, Christina; Dabney, Cindy; Konkiel, Stacy (2012-10-23)
    Become a power user of the Social Science Research Network, the premiere Open Access repository for Business, Law, and social science scholarship at this graduate-student focused workshop led by Christina Sheley, Business/SPEA ...
  • Engs, Ruth Clifford (Abbey Press, 2008)
    St. Benedict of Nursia, the founder of western monasticism, compiled the Rule of St. Benedict (RB), a guide for monastic organizations and common-sense living. Numerous works over the centuries have been written about RB ...
  • Engs, Ruth Clifford (Saint Meinrad Archabbey, 2003)
    St. Scholastica, based upon centuries of tradition, is considered the twin sister of St. Benedict of Nursia, founder of monastic communities and compiler of the Rule of St. Benedict, a guide to common-sense living and ...

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