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  • Goodman, C.D.; Byrd, R.C.; van Heerden, I.J.; Carey, T.A.; Horen, D.J.; Larsen, J.S.; Gaarde, C.; Rapaport, J.; Welch, T.P.; Taddeucci, T.N.; Sugarbaker, E. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1984)
  • Austin, Sam M.; Madey, R.; Watson, J.W.; Anderson, B.D.; Baldwin, A.R.; Flanders, B.S.; Lebo, C.; Foster, C.C. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1982)
  • Kovash, M.A.; Bertozzi, W.; Finn, J.M.; Lourie, R.; Ulmer, P.; Wiggins, J.; Blatt, S.L.; Donoghue, T.R.; Hausman, H.J.; Marchlenski, D.; Bacher, A.D.; Foster, C.C.; Friesel, D.L. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1982)
  • Berg, G.P.A.; Blomgren, J.; Cameron, J.; Craw, P.; Miller, D.; Ni, B.; Spraker, M.; Anderson, B.D.; Wang, Y.; Watson, J.; Rapaport, J.; Yang, X. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1992)
  • Casey, D.T.; Frenje, J.A.; Johnson, M.G.; Manuel, M.J.-E.; Sinenian, N.; Zylstra, A.B.; Séguin, F.H.; Li, C.K.; Petrasso, R.D.; Glebov, V.Y.; Radha, P.B.; Meyerhofer, D.D.; Sangster, T.C.; McNabb, D.P.; Amendt, P.A.; Boyd, R.N.; Hatchett, S.P.; Quaglioni, S.; Rygg, J.R.; Thompson, I.J.; Bacher, A.D.; Herrmann, H.W.; Kim, Y.H. (American Physical Society, 2012)
    Measurements of the neutron spectrum from the $\text{T}(t,2n)^{4}\text{He}$ $(tt)$ reaction have been conducted using inertial confinement fusion implosions at the OMEGA laser facility. In these experiments, deuterium-tritium ...
  • Pocanic, D.; Wang, K.; Martoff, C.J.; Hanna, S.S.; Byrd, R.C.; Foster, C.C.; Friesel, D.L.; Rapaport, J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1986)
  • Nagaitsev, S.; Anderson, D.; Ball, M.; Derenchuk, V.; East, G.; Ellison, T.; Ellison, M.; Hamilton, B.; Schwandt, P. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1994)
  • Chang, S.; Stephenson, E.J.; Bacher, A.D.; Bowyer, S.M.; Franklin, W.; Liu, J.; Wells, S.P.; Wissink, S.W.; Lindgren, R.A.; Baghaei, H.; Gladyshev, V.; Carr, J.A.; Petrovich, F.; Lisantti, J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1995)
  • Ablikim, M.; Achasov, M.N.; Alberto, D.; Ambrose, D.J.; An, F.F.; An, Q.; An, Z.H.; Bai, J.Z.; Ferroli, R.B.; Ban, Y.; Becker, J.; Berger, N.; Bertani, M.B.; Bian, J.M.; Boger, E.; Bondarenko, O.; Boyko, I.; Briere, R.A.; Bytev, V.; Cai, X.; Calcaterra, A.C.; Cao, G.F.; Chang, J.F.; Chelkov, G.; Chen, G.; Chen, H.S.; Chen, H.X.; Chen, J.C.; Chen, M.L.; Chen, S.J.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y.B.; Cheng, H.P.; Chu, Y.P.; Cronin-Hennessy, D.; Dai, H.L.; Dai, J.P.; Dedovich, D.; Deng, Z.Y.; Denysenko, I.; Destefanis, M.; Ding, W.L.; Ding, Y.; Dong, L.Y.; Dong, M.Y.; Du, S.X.; Fang, J.; Fang, S.S.; Feng, C.Q.; Fu, C.D.; Fu, J.L.; Gao, Y.; Geng, C.; Goetzen, K.; Gong, W.X.; Greco, M.; Gu, M.H.; Gu, Y.T.; Guan, Y.H.; Guo, A.Q.; Guo, L.B.; Guo, Y.P.; Han, Y.L.; Hao, X.Q.; Harris, F.A.; He, K.L.; He, M.; He, Z.Y.; Heng, Y.K.; Hou, Z.L.; Hu, H.M.; Hu, J.F.; Hu, T.; Huang, B.; Huang, G.M.; Huang, J.S.; Huang, X.T.; Huang, Y.P.; Hussain, T.; Ji, C.S.; Ji, Q.; Ji, X.B.; Ji, X.L.; Jia, L.K.; Jiang, L.L.; Jiang, X.S.; Jiao, J.B.; Jiao, Z.; Jin, D.P.; Jin, S.; Jing, F.F.; Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.; Kavatsyuk, M.; Kuehn, W.; Lai, W.; Lange, J.S.; Leung, J.K.C.; Li, C.H.; Li, C.; Li, C.; Li, D.M.; Li, F.; Li, G.; Li, H.B.; Li, J.C.; Li, K.; Li, L.; Li, N.B.; Li, Q.J.; Li, S.L.; Li, W.D.; Li, W.G.; Li, X.L.; Li, X.N.; Li, X.Q.; Li, X.R.; Li, Z.B.; Liang, H.; Liang, Y.F.; Liang, Y.T.; Liao, G.R.; Liao, X.T.; Liu, B.J.; Liu, C.L.; Liu, C.X.; Liu, C.Y.; Liu, F.H.; Liu, F.; Liu, F.; Liu, H.; Liu, H.B.; Liu, H.H.; Liu, H.M.; Liu, H.W.; Liu, J.P.; Liu, K.; Liu, K.; Liu, K.Y.; Liu, Q.; Liu, S.B.; Liu, X.; Liu, X.H.; Liu, Y.B.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.A.; Liu, Z.; Liu, Z.; Loehner, H.; Lu, G.R.; Lu, H.J.; Lu, J.G.; Lu, Q.W.; Lu, X.R.; Lu, Y.P.; Luo, C.L.; Luo, M.X.; Luo, T.; Luo, X.L.; Lv, M.; Ma, C.L.; Ma, F.C.; Ma, H.L.; Ma, Q.M.; Ma, S.; Ma, T.; Ma, X.Y.; Maggiora, M.; Malik, Q.A.; Mao, H.; Mao, Y.J.; Mao, Z.P.; Messchendorp, J.G.; Min, J.; Min, T.J.; Mitchell, R.E.; Mo, X.H.; Muchnoi, N. Yu.; Nefedov, Y.; Nikolaev, I.B.; Ning, Z.; Olsen, S.L.; Ouyang, Q.; Pacetti, S.P.; Park, J.W.; Pelizaeus, M.; Peters, K.; Ping, J.L.; Ping, R.G.; Poling, R.; Pun, C.S.J.; Qi, M.; Qian, S.; Qiao, C.F.; Qin, X.S.; Qiu, J.F.; Rashid, K.H.; Rong, G.; Ruan, X.D.; Sarantsev, A.; Schulze, J.; Shao, M.; Shen, C.P.; Shen, X.Y.; Sheng, H.Y.; Shepherd, M.R.; Song, X.Y.; Spataro, S.; Spruck, B.; Sun, D.H.; Sun, G.X.; Sun, J.F.; Sun, S.S.; Sun, X.D.; Sun, Y.J.; Sun, Y.Z.; Sun, Z.J.; Sun, Z.T.; Tang, C.J.; Tang, X.; Thorndike, E.H.; Tian, H.L.; Toth, D.; Varner, G.S.; Wang, B.; Wang, B.Q.; Wang, K.; Wang, L.L.; Wang, L.L.; Wang, L.S.; Wang, M.; Wang, P.; Wang, P.L.; Wang, Q.; Wang, Q.J.; Wang, S.G.; Wang, X.F.; Wang, X.L.; Wang, Y.D.; Wang, Y.F.; Wang, Y.Q.; Wang, Z.; Wang, Z.G; Wang, Z.Y.; Wei, D.H.; Wen, Q.G.; Wen, S.P.; Wiedner, U.; Wu, L.H.; Wu, N.; Wu, W.; Wu, Z.; Xiao, Z.J.; Xie, Y.G.; Xiu, Q.L.; Xu, G.F.; Xu, G.M.; Xu, H.; Xu, Q.J.; Xu, X.P.; Xu, Y.; Xu, Z.R.; Xue, Z.; Yan, L.; Yan, W.B.; Yan, Y.H.; Yang, H.X.; Yang, T.; Yang, Y.; Yang, Y.X.; Ye, H.; Ye, M.; Ye, M.H.; Yu, B.X.; Yu, C.X.; Yu, S.P.; Yuan, C.Z.; Yuan, W.L.; Yuan, Y.; Zafar, A.A.; Zallo, A.Z.; Zeng, Y.; Zhang, B.X.; Zhang, B.Y.; Zhang, C.C.; Zhang, D.H.; Zhang, H.H.; Zhang, H.Y.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, J.Q.; Zhang, J.W.; Zhang, J.Y.; Zhang, J.Z.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, S.H.; Zhang, T.R.; Zhang, X.J.; Zhang, X.Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.H.; Zhang, Y.S.; Zhang, Z.P.; Zhang, Z.Y.; Zhao, G.; Zhao, H.S.; Zhao, J.; Zhao, L.; Zhao, L.; Zhao, M.G.; Zhao, Q.; Zhao, S.J.; Zhao, T.C.; Zhao, X.H.; Zhao, Y.B.; Zhao, Z.G.; Zhemchugov, A.; Zheng, B.; Zheng, J.P.; Zheng, Y.H.; Zheng, Z.P.; Zhong, B.; Zhong, J.; Zhou, L.; Zhou, X.K.; Zhou, X.R.; Zhu, C.; Zhu, K.; Zhu, K.J.; Zhu, S.H.; Zhu, X.L.; Zhu, X.W.; Zhu, Y.S.; Zhu, Z.A.; Zhuang, J.; Zou, B.S.; Zou, J.H.; Zuo, J.X. (American Physical Society, 2012)
    The mass and width of the lowest-lying $S$-wave spin singlet charmonium state, the $η_c$, are measured using a data sample of $1.06×10^8 ψ(3686)$ decays collected with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII storage ring. We use ...
  • Berg, G.; Blomgren, J.; Cameron, J.; Jourdan, F.; Miller, D.; Ni, B.; Rinckel, T.; Saber, M.; Spraker, M.; Wang, Y. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1992)
  • Bacher, A.D.; Lisantti, J.; Olmer, C.; Opper, A.K.; Rinckel, T.; Sawafta, R.; Stephenson, E.J.; Wells, S.; Wissink, S.W. (Indiana Univeristy Cyclotron Facility, 1989)
  • Stephenson, E.J.; Bacher, A.D.; Brown, J.D.; Cantrell, M.S.; Cupps, V.R.; Friesel, D.L.; Gering, J.A.; Jones, W.P.; Low, D.A.; Moore, R.S.; Olmer, C.; Opper, A.K.; Schwandt, P.; Sinha, A.K.; Wissink, S.W.; Seubert, J.W.; Comfort, J.R. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1984)
  • Foster, C.C.; Collins, J.C.; Friesel, D.L.; Hall, J.R.; Jacobs, W.W.; Jones, W.P.; Kaitchuck, M.D.; Schwandt, P.; Stephenson, E.J.; Daehnick, W.W. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1980)
  • Stephenson, E.J.; Collins, J.C.; Foster, C.C.; Friesel, D.L.; Hall, J.R.; Jacobs, W.W.; Jones, W.P.; Kaitchuck, M.D.; Schwandt, P.; Daehnick, W.W. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1981)
  • Gaigalas, A.K.; Jha, S.; Smith, H.A.; Ward, T.E. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1976)
  • Byrd, R.; Goodman, C.D.; Huang, W.; Horen, D.; Krofcheck, D.; Sugarbaker, E.R.; Wagner, A.J.; Rapaport, J.; Wang, D.W.D.; Welsh, P. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1986)
  • Voss, Brian; Stewart, Craig; Peebles, Christopher; Workman, Sue (Proceedings of the 55th Annual Quality Congress, American Society for Quality, Charlotte NC, 2001)
    For the last decade, University Information Technology Services (UITS) at Indiana University has measured the satisfaction of its customers – students, faculty, and staff – with the IT services its members produced for ...
  • Peebles, Christopher; Stewart, Craig; Voss, Brian; Workman, Sue (EDUCAUSE Conference Proceedings, Indianapolis IN, 10/29/2001)
    Support for all users of computer hardware, software, and networks is crucial for full realization of the value that these digital intelligence amplifiers can offer a scholarly community. Bloated applications, opaque user ...
  • Peebles, Christopher S.; Stewart, Craig A.; Voss, Brian D.; Workman, Sue B. (1/14/2003)
  • Peebles, Christopher S.; Stewart, Craig A.; Voss, Brian D.; Workman, Sue B. (5/8/2001)
    For the last decade, University Information Technology Services (UITS) at Indiana University has measured the satisfaction of its customers – students, faculty, and staff – with the IT services its members produced for the ...

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