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  • Ian Parker-Renga (2013-03-29)
    An ethogram describing various categories of observed behavior, specific for female juncos.
  • Arshanapalli, Bala; Pollak, Micah (School of Business and Economics or Indiana University Northwest, 2014-08)
    In June the Northwest Indiana Coincident Index rose 0.4 points from 138.4 (revised up from 138.2) to 138.8. This growth continues a trend of expansion and recovery consistent with the national economy. The forecast for ...
  • Arshanapalli, Bala; Pollak, Micah (2015-06)
    The Northwest Indiana Coincident Index grew strongly during the second quarter of 2015, ending at a value of 140.8, up 0.3 points from last month and up 0.9 points from last quarter (+0.72%). Despite these gains, the index ...
  • Bellamy, Cayla (2015-03-31)
    The general scope of resources used in band classrooms and private bassoon instruction differ greatly and result in pedagogical gaps that frustrate both teachers and students. Exclusive instruction based on classroom series ...
  • Spade, Paul Vincent (1995)
    An annotated translation of the famous "Prologue" to Justin's Dialogue. In it, he describes how he was converted to Christianity from the best of pagan Greek philosophy, and furthermore was converted on basically philosophical ...
  • Zweifel, Paul F. (Indiana University Graduate Theory Association, 1994)
  • Cox, B.M.; DuPlantis, D.; Eads, A.; Opper, A.K.; Sawafta, R.; Schwandt, P.; Solberg, K.A.; Stephenson, E.J.; Wissink, S.W. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1988)
  • Wissink, S.W.; Eads, A.; Opper, A.K.; Rinckel, T.; Sawafta, R.; Schwandt, P.; Solberg, K.A.; Stephenson, E.J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1989)
  • Wissink, S.W.; Li, P.; Stephenson, E.J.; Wells, S.P. (Indiana Univeristy Cyclotron Facility, 1990)
  • Franklin, W.A.; Betker, A.C.; Bacher, A.D.; Chang, S.; Prout, D.; Schmitt, W.; Stephenson, E.J.; Wissink, S.W.; Yu, C. (Indiana Univeristy Cyclotron Facility, 1995)
  • Berg, G.P.A.; Wells, S.P.; Craw, P.; Doskow, J.; Foster, C.; Franklin, W.; Schwandt, P.; Stephenson, E.J.; Willcut, V. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1992)
  • Berg, G.P.A.; Wells, S.; Wang, Y.; Hall, T.; Bacher, A.; Bilodeau, D.; Doskow, J.; East, G.; Foster, C.C.; Lisantti, J.; ... (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1991)
  • Bacher, A.; Berg, G.P.A.; Bilodeau, D.; Foster, C.; Lisantti, J.; Rinckel, T.; Schwandt, P.; Stephenson, E.; Wang, Y.; Wells, S. (Indiana Univeristy Cyclotron Facility, 1990)
  • Berg, G.P.A.; Foster, C.C.; Stephenson, E.J.; Davis, B.F. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1994)
  • Carpenter, Inta (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1973-01)
  • Goldstein, Diane (American Folklore Society, 2008-10-23)
    This paper will explore the intrinsic politics that shape post-contextualist belief studies. Belief scholars, like folklorists in general, typically take the politics of our work to be natural, neutral and self-evident, ...
  • Giray-Saul, Eren (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1982)
  • Powell, Richard L. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1970-05-28)
    This report, prepared for the Bloomington Metropolitan Planning Commission, is designed to provide some geologic background information on the topographic features that have developed as a result of subterranean drainage ...
  • Swinford, E. Mac; Powers, Donovan M.; Angle, Michael P.; Pavey, Richard R. (ODNR Division of Geological Survey, 2012-07-12)
    On March 18, 2008, ground water levels rose to a 30-year high in the Bellevue, Ohio, area. Surface and near-surface geologic conditions combined with unusually high precipitation caused extensive flooding of fields, roadways, ...
  • Aden, D. J. (ODNR Division of Geological Survey, 2013)
    Karst terrain forms by dissolution of carbonate rocks, such as limestone or dolomite, or evaporites, such as gypsum or salt, and is characterized by features including sinkholes, disappearing streams, caves, and springs. ...

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