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  • Adamson, P.; Ayres, D.S.; Backhouse, C.; Barr, G.; Bishai, M.; Blake, A.; Bock, G.J.; Boehnlein, D.J.; Bogert, D.; Cao, S.V.; Childress, S.; Coelho, J.A.B.; Corwin, L.; Cronin-Hennessy, D.; Danko, I.Z.; De Jong, J.K.; Devenish, N.E.; Diwan, M.V.; Escobar, C.O.; Evans, J.J.; Falk, E.; Feldman, G.J.; Frohne, M.V.; Gallagher, H.R.; Gomes, R.A.; Goodman, M.C.; Gouffon, P.; Graf, N.; Gran, R.; Grzelak, K.; Habig, A.; Hartnell, J.; Hatcher, R.; Himmel, A.; Holin, A.; Huang, X.; Hylen, J.; Irwin, G.M.; Isvan, Z.; Jaffe, D.E.; James, C.; Jensen, D.; Kafka, T.; Kasahara, S.M.S.; Koizumi, G.; Kopp, S.; Kordosky, M.; Kreymer, A.; Lang, K.; Ling, J.; Litchfield, P.J.; Loiacono, L.; Lucas, P.; Mann, W.A.; Marshak, M.L.; Mathis, M.; Mayer, N.; Mehdiyev, R.; Meier, J.R.; Messier, M.D.; Michael, D.G.; Miller, W.H.; Mishra, S.R.; Mitchell, J.; Moore, C.D.; Mualem, L.; Mufson, S.; Musser, J.; Naples, D.; Nelson, J.K.; Newman, H.B.; Nichol, R.J.; Nowak, J.A.; Oliver, W.P.; Orchanian, M.; Pahlka, R.B.; Paley, J.; Patterson, R.B.; Pawloski, G.; Phan-Budd, S.; Plunkett, R.K.; Qiu, X.; Radovic, A.; Ratchford, J.; Rebel, B.; Rosenfeld, C.; Rubin, H.A.; Sanchez, M.C.; Schneps, J.; Schreckenberger, A.; Schreiner, P.; Sharma, R.; Sousa, A.; Strait, M.; Tagg, N.; Talaga, R.L.; Thomas, J.; Thomson, M.A.; Tinti, G.; Toner, R.; Torretta, D.; Tzanakos, G.; Urheim, J.; Vahle, P.; Viren, B.; Walding, J.J.; Weber, A.; Webb, R.C.; White, C.; Whitehead, L.; Wojcicki, S.G.; Zwaska, R. (American Physical Society, 2012)
    We report an improved measurement of $\overline{\nu}_μ$ disappearance over a distance of 735 km using the MINOS detectors and the Fermilab Main Injector neutrino beam in a $\overline{\nu}_μ$-enhanced configuration. From a ...
  • Topalov, Katarina; Schimmelmann, Arndt; Polly, David; Sauer, Peter E. (Isoscapes 2008 Conference, 2008-04-07)
    The organic hydrogen isotope ratio (deuterium/hydrogen or D/H) in the tissues of terrestrial organisms is related to D/H values of precursor hydrogen in diet and water from precipitation. D/H in (fossil) bone collagen ...
  • Cecil, R.A.; Anderson, B.D.; Madey, R. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1978)
  • Zuppann, C. W.; Daniels, M.I.S.; Rohwer, P.; Jacob, D.; Proffitt, T. A. (2011-09)
    The Indiana Geological Survey’s Petroleum Database Management System (PDMS) is a web application that provides online access to petroleum-related geological information. Since its debut in 2004, the application has been ...
  • Vigdor, S.E.; Karwowski, H.J.; Yip, P. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1979)
  • Wild, David J.; Ding, Ying; Chen, Bin (Chemistry Central Ltd., 2012-03-08)
    Background: Systems chemical biology and chemogenomics are considered critical, integrative disciplines in modern biomedical research, but require data mining of large, integrated, heterogeneous datasets from chemistry and ...
  • Mueller, Brian (2016-12-07)
  • In Brief 
    Editors (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1969-01)
  • In Brief 
    Editors (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1969)
  • In Brief 
    Durham, James (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1969-07)
  • In Brief 
    Editors (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1969-05)
  • Kowalczyk, Stacy; Halliday, Jim (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2006-03-22)
  • Kowalczyk, Stacy; Riley, Jenn; Roberg, Nikki (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2007-01-31)
  • Kowalczyk, Stacy (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2008-02-13)
  • Hansen, Gregory (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 2004)
  • Evans, Timothy H. (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1999)
  • Nelson, Jesse Yeager ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-06-01)
    While conventional wisdom suggests postsecondary education is fundamental to sustaining economic growth, maintaining a democratic polity, and insuring individual quality of life, opportunities to pursue postsecondary ...
  • Demille, Jennie L. (2013-06)
    This study seeks to understand the factors that have contributed to the formation of the Maasai ethnic identity and social mobilization in Kenya. Through the use of a methodology that employs interviews and ethnographic ...
  • Fine, Gary Alan (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1974-07)

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