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  • Ablikim, M.; Achasov, M.N.; Ambrose, D.J.; An, F.F.; An, Q.; An, Z.H.; Bai, J.Z.; Ferroli, R.B.; Ban, Y.; Becker, J.; Berger, N.; Bertani, M.B.; Bian, J.M.; Boger, E.; Bondarenko, O.; Boyko, I.; Briere, R.A.; Bytev, V.; Cai, X.; Calcaterra, A.C.; Cao, G.F.; Chang, J.F.; Chelkov, G.; Chen, G.; Chen, H.S.; Chen, J.C.; Chen, M.L.; Chen, S.J.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y.B.; Cheng, H.P.; Chu, Y.P.; Cronin-Hennessy, D.; Dai, H.L.; Dai, J.P.; Dedovich, D.; Deng, Z.Y.; Denig, A.; Denysenko, I.; Destefanis, M.; Ding, W.M.; Ding, Y.; Dong, L.Y.; Dong, M.Y.; Du, S.X.; Fang, J.; Fang, S.S.; Fava, L.; Feldbauer, F.; Feng, C.Q.; Fu, C.D.; Fu, J.L.; Gao, Y.; Geng, C.; Goetzen, K.; Gong, W.X.; Gradl, W.; Greco, M.; Gu, M.H.; Gu, Y.T.; Guan, Y.H.; Guo, A.Q.; Guo, L.B.; Guo, Y.P.; Han, Y.L.; Hao, X.Q.; Harris, F.A.; He, K.L.; He, M.; He, Z.Y.; Held, T.; Heng, Y.K.; Hou, Z.L.; Hu, H.M.; Hu, J.F.; Hu, T.; Huang, B.; Huang, G.M.; Huang, J.S.; Huang, X.T.; Huang, Y.P.; Hussain, T.; Ji, C.S.; Ji, Q.; Ji, X.B.; Ji, X.L.; Jia, L.K.; Jiang, L.L.; Jiang, X.S.; Jiao, J.B.; Jiao, Z.; Jin, D.P.; Jin, S.; Jing, F.F.; Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.; Kavatsyuk, M.; Kuehn, W.; Lai, W.; Lange, J.S.; Leung, J.K.C.; Li, C.H.; Li, C.; Li, C.; Li, D.M.; Li, F.; Li, G.; Li, H.B.; Li, J.C.; Li, K.; Li, L.; Li, N.B.; Li, Q.J.; Li, S.L.; Li, W.D.; Li, W.G.; Li, X.L.; Li, X.N.; Li, X.Q.; Li, X.R.; Li, Z.B.; Liang, H.; Liang, Y.F.; Liang, Y.T.; Liao, G.R.; Liao, X.T.; Liu, B.J.; Liu, B.J.; Liu, C.L.; Liu, C.X.; Liu, C.Y.; Liu, F.H.; Liu, F.; Liu, F.; Liu, H.; Liu, H.B.; Liu, H.H.; Liu, H.M.; Liu, H.W.; Liu, J.P.; Liu, K.; Liu, K.; Liu, K.Y.; Liu, P.L.; Liu, S.B.; Liu, X.; Liu, X.H.; Liu, Y.B.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.A.; Liu, Z.; Liu, Z.; Loehner, H.; Lu, G.R.; Lu, H.J.; Lu, J.G.; Lu, Q.W.; Lu, X.R.; Lu, Y.P.; Luo, C.L.; Luo, M.X.; Luo, T.; Luo, X.L.; Lv, M.; Ma, C.L.; Ma, F.C.; Ma, H.L.; Ma, Q.M.; Ma, S.; Ma, T.; Ma, X.Y.; Ma, Y.; Maas, F.E.; Maggiora, M.; Malik, Q.A.; Mao, H.; Mao, Y.J.; Mao, Z.P.; Messchendorp, J.G.; Min, J.; Min, T.J.; Mitchell, R.E.; Mo, X.H.; Morales, C.; Motzko, C.; Muchnoi, N. Yu.; Nefedov, Y.; Nicholson, C.; Nikolaev, I.B.; Ning, Z.; Olsen, S.L.; Ouyang, Q.; Pacetti, S.P.; Park, J.W.; Pelizaeus, M.; Peters, K.; Ping, J.L.; Ping, R.G.; Poling, R.; Prencipe, E.; Pun, C.S.J.; Qi, M.; Qian, S.; Qiao, C.F.; Qin, X.S.; Qin, Y.; Qin, Z.H.; Qiu, J.F.; Rashid, K.H.; Rong, G.; Ruan, X.D.; Sarantsev, A.; Schulze, J.; Shao, M.; Shen, C.P.; Shen, X.Y.; Sheng, H.Y.; Shepherd, M.R.; Song, X.Y.; Spataro, S.; Spruck, B.; Sun, D.H.; Sun, G.X.; Sun, J.F.; Sun, S.S.; Sun, X.D.; Sun, Y.J.; Sun, Y.Z.; Sun, Z.J.; Sun, Z.T.; Tang, C.J.; Tang, X.; Thorndike, E.H.; Tian, H.L.; Toth, D.; Ulrich, M.U.; Varner, G.S.; Wang, B.; Wang, B.Q.; Wang, K.; Wang, L.L.; Wang, L.S.; Wang, M.; Wang, P.; Wang, P.L.; Wang, Q.; Wang, Q.J.; Wang, S.G.; Wang, X.F.; Wang, X.L.; Wang, Y.D.; Wang, Y.F.; Wang, Y.Q.; Wang, Z.; Wang, Z.G.; Wang, Z.Y.; Wei, D.H.; Weidenkaff, P.; Wen, Q.G.; Wen, S.P.; Werner, M.W.; Wiedner, U.; Wu, L.H.; Wu, N.; Wu, S.X.; Wu, W.; Wu, Z.; Xia, L.G.; Xiao, Z.J.; Xie, Y.G.; Xiu, Q.L.; Xu, G.F.; Xu, G.M.; Xu, H.; Xu, Q.J.; Xu, X.P.; Xu, Y.; Xu, Z.R.; Xue, F.; Xue, Z.; Yan, L.; Yan, W.B.; Yan, Y.H.; Yang, H.X.; Yang, T.; Yang, Y.; Yang, Y.X.; Ye, H.; Ye, M.; Ye, M.H.; Yu, B.X.; Yu, C.X.; Yu, J.S.; Yu, S.P.; Yuan, C.Z.; Yuan, W.L.; Yuan, Y.; Zafar, A.A.; Zallo, A.Z.; Zeng, Y.; Zhang, B.X.; Zhang, B.Y.; Zhang, C.C.; Zhang, D.H.; Zhang, H.H.; Zhang, H.Y.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, J.G.; Zhang, J.Q.; Zhang, J.W.; Zhang, J.Y.; Zhang, J.Z.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, S.H.; Zhang, T.R.; Zhang, X.J.; Zhang, X.Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.H.; Zhang, Y.S.; Zhang, Z.P.; Zhang, Z.Y.; Zhao, G.; Zhao, H.S.; Zhao, J.W.; Zhao, K.X.; Zhao, L.; Zhao, L.; Zhao, M.G.; Zhao, Q.; Zhao, S.J.; Zhao, T.C.; Zhao, X.H.; Zhao, Y.B.; Zhao, Z.G.; Zhemchugov, A.; Zheng, B.; Zheng, J.P.; Zheng, Y.H.; Zheng, Z.P.; Zhong, B.; Zhong, J.; Zhou, L.; Zhou, X.K.; Zhou, X.R.; Zhu, C.; Zhu, K.; Zhu, K.J.; Zhu, S.H.; Zhu, X.L.; Zhu, X.W.; Zhu, Y.M.; Zhu, Y.S.; Zhu, Z.A.; Zhuang, J.; Zou, B.S.; Zou, J.H.; Zuo, J.X. (American Physical Society, 2012)
    The two-photon transition $\psi(3686)→\gamma\gamma J/\psi$ is studied in a sample of $1.06×10^8$ $\psi(3686)$ decays collected by the BESIII detector. The branching fraction is measured to be $(3.1±0.6(\text{stat})_{−1.0 ...
  • Davis, B.F.; Reviol, W.; Garg, U.; Bacher, A.D.; Berg, G.P.A.; Foster, C.C.; Stephenson, E.J.; Wang, Y.; Harakeh, M.N.; Janecke, J.; Pham, K.; Roberts, D.; Akimune, H.; Fujiwara, M.; Lisantti, J. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1994)
  • Jacobs, W.W.; Throwe, T.G.; Vigdor, S.E.; Green, M.C.; Hall, J.R.; Meyer, H.O.; Pitts, W.K.; Dillig, M. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1982)
  • Jacobs, W.W.; Throwe, T.G.; Vigdor, S.E.; Green, M.C.; Hall, J.R.; Meyer, H.O.; Pitts, W.K.; Dillig, M. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1981)
  • Kostelecký, V.A.; Nieto, M.M. (American Physical Society, 1985)
    We review the proposal that relationships between physical spectra of certain atoms can be considered as evidence for a phenomenological supersymmetry. Next, a comparison is made between the supersymmetric and the hydrogenic ...
  • Gierut, Judith A.; Hulse, Lauren E. (Informa Healthcare, 2010)
    This paper describes a matrix for clinical use in the selection of phonological treatment targets to induce generalization, and in the identification of probe sounds to monitor during the course of intervention. The matrix ...
  • Long, Lucy (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 2000)
  • George, P. Brandt (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1971-12)
  • Chen, I-Chen ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2015-01-07)
    A rapidly growing body of evidence has shown that non-coding small RNAs (sRNAs) regulate a variety of important biological processes across all domains of life, including bacteria. The sRNA Pxr in the model myxobacterial ...
  • Anselmi, Michael (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
  • Busch, Jeremiah W. ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-05-24)
    The evolution of self-fertilization from the outcrossing condition is a common transition in flowering plants which strongly alters the genetic structure of populations. In general, it is thought that self-fertilization ...
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Tan, Tin Wee; Buckhorn, Markus; Hart, David; Berry, Donald K.; Zhang, Louxin; Wernert, Eric; Sakharkar, Meena; Fischer, Will; McMullen, Donald F. (11/10/1999)
    The global high performance computing community has seen two overarching changes in the past five years. One of these changes was the consolidation toward SMP clusters as the predominant HPC system architecture. The other ...
  • Wilson, Jackson Daniel ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-12-13)
    Dysfunctional voluntary employee turnover is an issue that leads to major direct and indirect costs (e.g., Sagie, Birati, & Tziner, 2002). Although job satisfaction has classically been the predominant construct used to ...
  • Blank, Trevor J. (Department of Folklore and Ehtnomusicology Indiana University, 2007)
  • Stewart, Craig (2016-01-26)
    US President Obama recently signed an executive order creating the National Strategic Computing Initiative. This executive order sets out a goal of creating an exaFLOPS computational system for the US. One of the announcements ...
  • Steve Schoech (2013-03-29)
    A spreadsheet for calculating steroid hormone concentrations from radioimmunoassay results. Calculates concentrations of progesterone, testosterone, estradiol, corticosterone, and dihydrotestosterone.
  • Stewart, Craig A. (2016-01-26)

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