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Nonpeer-reviewed maps and reports constitute this series, each carrying a disclaimer that the data presented is “preliminary and does not necessarily conform to the Indiana Geological and Water Survey’s editorial standards for formal publication.” The series was intended primarily for annual deliverables and data summaries with minimal interpretation. These publications were either not ready to be formally published or needed to be quickly created. Open-file studies were approved by the director of the survey. Publications in the Open-File series have been inconsistently named using a variety of titles, including "Open-File Report," "Open-File Map," and "Open-File Study." Prior to 1994, a publication in this series was generally referred to as an "Open-File Report," with some exceptions. To reduce confusion, the IGWS began referring to every publication in the Open-File series as an "Open-File Study." When writing a bibliographic reference for a publication, one should use the series name and number on the publication.