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The Medieval Review 06.05.11

The Medieval Review. TMR Announcement. Pp.. ISBN: .

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TMR Announcement: Books Available for Review (May, 2006)

Dear Readers,

The following books have been received and are available to qualified scholars for review (reviewers should have received a doctoral degree or the equivalent). Our general policy is that the review is expected within three months of your receiving the book, and must be submitted either by e-mail or on disk.

If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, please send the following information to us at

book you wish to reviewfull namee-mail addressaffiliation or degreepreferred mailing address"key-words" describing your scholarly interestsa few recent publications (if appropriate)

Note that if you have sent us key-words and publications within the past year, you do not need to repeat the information.

We request that you not ask to be considered as a reviewer for more than TWO titles. We will respond to you as soon as possible regarding a review.

Please be aware that compiling and sorting through requests may take several weeks; we appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for your support of the The Medieval Review.

Sincerely yours, The Editors, TMR

--------Aronstein, Susan. Hollywood Knights: Arthurian Cinema and the Politics of Nostalgia. Studies in Arthurian and Courtly Cultures. Palgrave Macmillan, 2005

--------Burrows, Daron, ed. and trans. Two Old French Satires on the Power of the Keys: L'Escommeniement au lecheor and Le Pardon de foutre. Series: Research Monographs in French Studies, vol. 18. Legenda, 2005

--------Dryburgh, Paul, and Brendan Smith, eds. Handbook and Select Calendar of Sources for Medieval Ireland in the National Archives of the United Kingdom. Four Courts Press, 2005

--------Duffy, Sean, ed. Medieval Dublin VI. Proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium. Four Courts Press, 2005.

Contributors: Cathy Daly, Sean Duffy, David N. Dumville, Elmar W. Eggerer, Andrew Halpin, Ailbhe MacShamhrain, Margaret Murphy, Michael Potterson, Emer Purcell, Linzi Simpson P.F. Wallace, Claire Walsh

--------Edminster, Warren. The Preaching Fox: Festive Subversion in the Plays of the Wakefield Master. Series: Studies in Medieval History and Culture. Routledge, 2005

--------Harrington, L. Michael. Sacred Place in Early Medieval Neoplatonism. Series: The New Middle Ages. Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

--------Herwaarden, Jan van. Between Saint James and Erasmus: Studies in Late- Medieval Religious Life: Devotion and Pilgrimage in the Netherlands. Translated by Wendie Shaffer and Donald Gardner. Series: Studies in Medieval and Reformation Thought, vol. 97. Brill, 2003

--------Higham, N.J. A Frontier Landscape: The North West in the Middle Ages. Series: Landscapes of Britain. Windgather Press, 2004

--------Hughes, Kevin L. Constructing Antichrist: Paul, Biblical Commentary, and the Development of Doctrine in the Early Middle Ages. The Catholic University of America Press, 2005

--------Hults, Linda C. The Witch as Muse: Art, Gender, and Power, in Early Modern Europe. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005

--------Knuuttila, Simo. Emotions in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy. Clarendon Press, 2004

--------Liechtenstein, Ulrich von. Ulrich von Liechtenstein's Service of Ladies, 2nd ed. Translated by J.W. Thomas Series: First Person Singular. The Boydell Press. 2004

--------Lower, Michael. The Baron's Crusade: A Call to Arms and Its Consequences. Series: The Middle Ages Series. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005

--------Luscombe, David, and Jonathon Riley-Smith, eds. The New Cambridge Medieval History Volume IV: c.1024 - c.1198: Part I and Part II. Series: The New Cambridge Medieval History. Cambridge University Press. 2005.

Contributors: David Luscombe, Jonathon Riley-Smith, Robert Fossier, Derek Keene, Susan Reynolds, Peter Landau, Jean Flori, Ernst-Dieter Hehl, H.E.J. Cowdrey, I.S. Robinson, Giles Constable, Bernard Hamilton, Jean Richard, Hugh Kennedy, Robert Chazan, Jan Ziolkowski, Peter Kidson, Uta-Renate Blumenthal, Hanna Vollrath, Giovanni Tabacco, Constance Brittain Bouchard, Simon Barton, Marjorie Chibnall, Michael Angold, Martin Dimnik, Jerzy Wyrozumski, Peter Sawyer, Nora Berend, Benjamin Arnold, G.A. Loud, Peter Linehan, John W. Baldwin, Michael Bur, Thomas F. Keefe, Geoffrey Barrow, Paul Magdalino, Hans Eberhard Mayer, Michael Brett, and Stephen Humphreys.

--------Maniura, Robert. Pilgrimage to Images in the Fifteenth Century: The Origins of the Cult of Our Lady of Czestochowa. The Boydell Press, 2004

--------Marenbon, John. Boethius. Series: Great Medieval Thinkers, vol. 5. Oxford University Press, 2003

--------Mews, Constant J. Abelard and Heloise. Series: Great Medieval Thinkers. Oxford University Press, 2005

--------Miller, Maureen C. Power and the Holy in the Age of the Investiture Conflict: A Brief History with Documents. Series: The Bedford Series in History and Culture. Bedford/St. Martin's, 2005

--------Ploger, Karsten. England and the Avignon Popes: The Practice of Diplomacy in Late Medieval Europe. Legenda, 2005

--------Riedl, Matthias. Joachim von Fiore: Denker der vollendeten Menschheit. Seies: Epistamata: Wurzburger Wissenschaftliche Schriften: Reihe Philosophie, vol. 361. Konigshausen & Neuman, 2004

-------- Riera i Sans, Jaume, Pere Casanellas i Bassols, and Armand Puig i Tarrech. Biblia del segle XIV: Exode, Levitic. Series: Corpus Biblicum Catalanicum: integrat en el Corpus Scriptorum Cataloniae, vol. 3. Associacio Biblica de Catalunya, 2004

--------Robert the Monk's History of the First Crusade: Historia Iherosolimitana. Series: Translated by Carol Sweetenham. Crusade Texts in Translation, vol. 11. Ashgate, 2005

--------Rosenqvist, Jan Olof, ed. Interaction and Isolation in Late Byzantine Culture: Papers Read at a Colloquium Held at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, 1-5 December, 1999. Series: Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul Transactions, vol. 13. Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, 2004.

Contributors: Bente Kiilerich, Oystein Hjort, Karin Hult, Rene Gothoni, Hjalmar Torp, Siri Sande, Ewa Balicka-Witakowska, Borje Byden, and Christian Troelsgard.

--------Saunders, Corinne, ed. Cultural Encounters in the Romance of Medieval England. Series: Studies in Medieval Romance, vol. 2. D.S. Brewer, 2005.

Contributors: Elizabeth Archibald, Nancy Mason Bradbury, Derek Brewer, Neil Cartlidge, Helen Cooper, Roger Dalrymple, Tony Davenport, Ivana Djordjevic, Rosalind Field, Phillipa Hardman, Robert Rouse, Corinne Saunders, and Judith Weiss.

--------Scales, Len and Oliver Zimmer, eds. Power and the Nation in European History. Cambridge University Press, 2005.

Contributors: John Breuilly, Sarah Foot, Robin Frame, Robert Frost, Abigail Green, Jennifer Heuer, Jeffrey Hosking, Peter Mandler, Ian McBride, Susan Reynolds, Len Scales, Anthony D. Smith, Tim Thornton, Stuart Woolf, Patrick Wormald, and Oliver Zimmer.

--------Smith, Damian J. Innocent III and the Crown of Aragon: The Limits of Papal Authority. Series: Church, Faith and Culture in the Medieval West. Ashgate, 2004

--------Ubl, Karl, ed. Die Schriften des Alexander von Roes und des Engelbert von Admont: Teil 2: Engelbert von Admont, Speculum virtutum. Series: MGH: Staatsschriften des Spateren Mittelalters, vol. 1. Hahnsche Buchhandlung, 2004

--------Van Nieuwenhove, Rik, and Joseph Wawrykow, eds. The Theology of Thomas Aquinas. University of Notre Dame Press, 2005.

Contributors: Bruce D. Marshall, Herwi Rikhof, Gilles Emery, David B. Burrell, Harm Goris, D. Juvenal Merriell, Rudi A. te Velde, Jean Porter, Joseph Wawrykow, Paul Gondreau, Rik Van Nieuwenhove, Thomas F. O'Meara, Liam G. Walsh, Carlo Leget, Thomas Prugl, Paul O'Grady, Eugene F. Rogers, Jr.

--------Whetter, K.S., and Raluca L. Radulescu, eds. Re-Viewing Le Morte Darthur. Series: Arthurian Studies, vol. 60. D.S. Brewer, 2005.

Contributors: P.J.C. Field, Takako Kato, D. Thomas Hanks, Jr., Thomas H. Crofts, Meg Roland, Robert L. Kelly, Dhira B. Mahoney, Lisa Robeson, Raluca L. Radulescu, Fiona Tolhurst, K.S. Whetter

--------Yavari, Neguin, Lawrence G. Potter, and Jean-Marc Ran Oppenheim, eds. Views from the Edge: Essays in Honor of Richard W. Bulliet. Columbia University Press, 2004.

Contributors: Ina Baghdiantz-McCabe, Alexander Bligh, Stuart Borsch, Jamsheed Kairshasp Choksy, Fred M. Donner, Tayeb El-Hibri, Matthew Gordon, Mahmoud Haddad, John W. Limbert, Karen Pinto, Lawrence G. Potter, Jean-Marc Ran Oppenheim, Parvaneh Pourshariati, Sofia Saadeh, Ariel Salzmann, Reeva S. Simon, Denise A. Spelberg, Elizabeth Thompson, Uli Schamiloglu, Neguin Yavari