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The Medieval Review 06.11.05

The Medieval Review. TMR Announcement: Books Available for Review (November, 2006). Pp.. ISBN: .

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TMR Announcement: Books Available for Review (November, 2006)

Dear Readers,

The following books have been received and are available to qualified scholars for review (reviewers should have received a doctoral degree or the equivalent). Our general policy is that the review is expected within three months of your receiving the book, and must be submitted either by e-mail or on disk.

If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, please send the following information to us at

book you wish to reviewfull namee-mail addressaffiliation or degreepreferred mailing address"key-words" describing your scholarly interestsa few recent publications (if appropriate)

Note that if you have sent us key-words and publications within the past year, you do not need to repeat the information.

We request that you not ask to be considered as a reviewer for more than TWO titles. We will respond to you as soon as possible regarding a review.

Please be aware that compiling and sorting through requests may take several weeks; we appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for your support of the The Medieval Review.

Sincerely yours,The Editors, TMR

--------Al-Azmeh, Aziz, and Janos M. Bak, eds. Monotheistic Kingship: The Medieval Variants. Series: CEU Medievalia. Central European University Press, 2004.

Contributors: Aziz Al-Azmeh, Ildar Garipzanov, Cristian Gaspar, Gyorgy Gereby, Nikolaus Gussone, Irma Karaulashvili, Gerson Moreno-Riano, Elod Nemerkenyi, Vladimir Ja. Petrukhin, Steven H. Rapp, Agoston Schmelowszky, Georges Tamer, and Oleksiy Tolochko.

--------Allen, Elizabeth. False Fables and Exemplary Truth in Later Middle English Literature. The New Middle Ages. Palgrave, 2005.

--------Bandmann, Gunter. Early Medieval Architecture as Bearer of Meaning. Translated by Kendall Wallis. Columbia University Press, 2005.

--------Bauduin, Pierre, ed. Les fondations scandinaves en Occident et les debuts du duche de Normandie. Publications du CRAHM, 2005.

Contributors: James Graham-Campbell, Niels Lund, Delphine Planavergne, Helene Noizet, Stephane Coviaux, Regine Le Jan, Stephane Lebecq, Joelle Quaghebeur, Lesley Abrams, Olivier Viron, Jacques Le Maho, Pierre Bauduin, Katharine S.B. Keats-Rohan, Anne Nissen Jaubert, Gillian Fellows-Jensen, Ase Kari H. Wagner, and Elisabeth Ridel

--------Bettella, Patrizia. The Ugly Woman: Transgressive Aesthetic Models in Italian Poetry from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. University of Toronto Press, 2005.

--------Boynton, Susan. Shaping a Monastic Identity: Liturgy and History at the Imperial Abbey of Farfa, 1000-1125. Conjunctions of Religion and Power in the Medieval Past. Cornell University Press, 2006.

--------Creighton, O.H. Castles and Landscapes: Power, Community and Fortification in Medieval England. Series: Studies in the Archaeology of Medieval Europe. Equinox, 2005

--------Dierkens, Alain and Benoit Beyer de Ryke. Mystique: la passion de l'Un, de l'antiquite a nos jours. University of Brussels: Problems D'Histoire des Religions XV. University of Brussels, 2005.

Contributors: Benoit Beyer de Ryke, Damien Boquet, Luc Brisson, Christian Brouwer, Michel Cazenave, Jean-Michel Counet, Ysabel de Andia, Alain Dierkens, Jean Dierkens, Jean-Charles Ducene, Sabrina Inowlocki, Joacim Lacrosse, Francoise Lauwaert, Jacques Le Brun, Jacques Maitre, Nathalie Nabert, Bernard Sese, Boris Todoroff, Marie-Anne Vannier, and Wolfgang Wackernagel.

--------Dobozy, Maria. Re-Membering the Past: The Medieval German Poet-Minstrel in Cultural Context. Brepols, 2005.

--------Fay-Sallois, Fanny. A Treasury of Hours: Selections from Illuminated Prayer Books. Getty Publications, 2005.

-------- Feller, Laurent and Chris Wickham. Le Marche de la Terre au Moyen Age. Collection de L'Ecole francaise de Rome, vol. 350. Ecole Francaise de Rome, 2005.

Contributors: Laurent Feller, Florence Weber, William R. Day, Jr., Christopher Dyer, Joseph Morsel, Ghislain Brunel, Patrice Beck, Monique Bourin, Francois Menant, Lluis To Figueras, Carlos Laliena Corbera, Phillipp R. Schofield, Miriam Muller, Mark Page, Julien Demade, Emmanuel Grelois, John Drendel, Stephane Boissellier, Antoni Furio, Antonio Jose Mira Jodar, and Christopher Wickham.

--------Filotas, Bernadette. Pagan Survivals, Superstitions and Popular Cultures in Early Medieval Pastoral Literature. Series: Studies and Texts, vol. 151. Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 2005.

--------Gerchow, Jan, Jeffrey Hamburger, Robert Suckale. Krone und Schleier: Kunst aus mittelalterlichen Frauenklostern. Hirmer Verlag, 2005.

Contributors: Jeffrey F. Hamburger, Gisela Muschiol, Klaus Schreiner, Hedwig Rockelein, Werner Rosener, Carola Jaggi, Uwe Lobbedey, Barbara Newman, Caroline Walker Bynum, Gabriela Signori, Jan Gerchow, Susan Marti, and Petra Marx.

--------Hayes-Healy, Stephanie. Medieval Paradigms Vol. II. Essays in Honor of Jeremy Duquesnay Adams. The New Middle Ages. Palgrave, 2005.

Contributors: Elizabeth A. R. Brown, Caroline Walker Bynum, William W. Clark, Patrick Geary, Walter Goffart, Christine Hayes-Healy, Richard Kay, Donna Mayer-Martin, Amelia A. Rutledge, Thomas G. Waldman, Peter W. Williams, Charles T. Wood, and Grover A. Zinn.

--------Hoffmann, Hartmut, with a contribution by Elmar Hochholzer. Schreibschulen des 10. und des 11. Jahrhunderts im Sudwesten des Deutschen Reichs, 2 vols. Series: MGH: Schriften, vol. 53. Hahnsche Buchhandlung, 2004.

--------Ikas, Wolfgang-Valentin, ed. Fortsetzungen zur Papst- und Kaiserchronik Martins von Troppau aus England, revised edition. Series: MGH: Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum Nova Series, vol. 19. Hahnsche Buchhandlung, 2004.

--------Ilnitchi, Gabriela. The Play of Meanings: Aribo's "De Musica" and Hermeneutics of Musical Thought. Scarecrow Press, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 2005.

--------Jeay, Madeleine and Kathleen Garay, eds. The Distaff Gospels: A First Modern English Edition of Les Evangiles des Quenouilles. Broadview Editions. Broadview Press, 2006.

--------Johnson, Richard F. Saint Michael the Archangel in Medieval English Legend. Boydell Press, 2005.

--------Liddy, Christian D. War, Politics and Finance in Late Medieval English Towns: Bristol, York and the Crown, 1350-1400. Series: Historical Society Studies in History New Series volume 45. Boydell and Brewer, 2005.

--------Machan, Tim William. Sources of the Boece. Chaucer Library Series. University of Georgia Press. 2005

--------Morris, Marc. The Bigod Earls of Norfolk in the Thirteenth Century. Boydell Press, 2005.

--------Potterton, Michael. Medieval Trim: History and Archeology. Four Courts Press, 2005.

--------Prestwich, Michael, Richard Britnell, Robin Frame, eds. Thirteenth Century England X: Proceedings of the Durham Conference 2003. Series: Thirteenth Century England, vol. 10. The Boydell Press, 2005.

Contributors: David Carpenter, Nick Barratt, Emilia Jamroziak, Michael Ray, Susan Stewart, Louise J. Wilkinson, Sean Duffy, Beth Hartland, Francoise Le Saux, Henry Summerson, Janet Burton, Harold Fox, David Crook, Alistair Tebbit, and Seymour Phillips.

--------Quilligan, Maureen. Incest and Agency in Elizabeth's England. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006.

--------Ravier, Xavier and Benoit Cursente. Le cartulaire de Bigorre (XI-XIII siecle). Collection des Documents inedits sur L'histoire de France Section D'histoire et Philologie des Civilisations medievales, vol. 8 n. 36. Editions du comite des travaux historiques et scientifiques, 2005.

--------Reed, Annette Yoshiko. Fallen Angels and the History of Judaism and Christianity: The Reception of Enochic Literature. Cambridge University Press, 2006.

--------Taylor, Claire. Heresy in Medieval France: Dualism in Aquitaine and the Agenais, 1000-1249. Studies in History, New Series. Royal Historical Society/ Boydell, 2005.

--------Tinti, Francesca. Pastoral Care in Late Anglo-Saxon England. Anglo-Saxon Studies, 6. Boydell Press, 2005.

Contributors: Julia Barrow, Jo Buckberry, Helen Gitos, Dawn M. Hadley, Sarah Hamilton, Francesca Tinti, Victoria Thompson, and Jonathan Wilcox.

--------Warren, Nancy Bradley. Women of God and Arms: Female Spirituality and Political Conflict, 1380-1600. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005.

--------Watt, Mary Alexandra. The Cross that Dante Bears: Pilgrimage, Crusade, and the Cruciform Church in the Divine Comedy. University of Florida Press, 2005.