title.none: ALSO SEEN: Berlioz, Identifier sources et citations

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The Medieval Review 97.04.09

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Berlioz, Jacques. Identifier sources et citations. Brepols: Turnhout, 1994. Series: L'atelier du medieviste, 1. Pp. 336. ISBN 250350311x.

Noted by James W. Halporn, Indiana University and Harvard University,

The 19 chapters of "Identifier" discuss the Bible and its glosses; the identification of medieval Latin and French authors and works; Latin translations from Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew; citations of works that are anonymous or [incorrectly] assigned. There are chapters on medieval poetry in various Western languages, on proverbs and sententiae, on liturgy, on Roman and canon law, councils and synods, saints' lives, sermons, exempla, folktales, encyclopedias, literary imagery and comparisons, and iconographic sources. Most useful are diagrams that are helpful in using the Glossa Ordinaria and other glossed Bibles, an analysis of the indices to the Patrologia Latina, and a set of addresses of libraries, publishers, bookstores, and scholarly organizations.

The volume is also carefully indexed.