title.none: Conference: Courtly Culture, East and West

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date.issued: 1994


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The Medieval Review 94.01.02

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The Department of Asian Languages and Literatures and The Program of Comparative Literature of the University of Washington cordially invite you to attend the conference:


Organized by David Knechtges, Asian Languages and Literatures, and Eugene Vance, Romance and Comparative Literatures, University of Washington.

March 3-5, 1994.


Thursday, March 3, Meany Tower.


Stephen Jaeger, Germanics, University of Washington"Court Love and Courtly Love."

Paul W. Kroll, Oriental Languages, University of Colorado "'To Hear Stories of They Finisht Love': T'ang Poems on the Imperial Romance of Hsuan Tsung and Precious Consort Yang."

Coffee break.


Robert Joe Cutter, East Asian Langs. and Lits. Univ. of Wisconsin "Putting By the Curtain: Aspects of Women in Jian'an Court Poetry."

Horst Wenzel, Literatur- und Sprachwissenschaft, Essen. "The Annunciation: The Interference of Art and Literature."

1:00-2:15: Lunch


Phyllis Granoff, McMaster University "Sarasvati's Sons: Biographies of Poets in Medieval India."

Robert L. Benson, History, Univ. of California, Los Angeles "The Hermeneutics of an Image, Popular and Elite: Kingship on a 12th Century Chalice."

4:30: Reception, The Forum, Parrington Hall.

Dinner: at participants' pleasure.

Friday, March 4, Room 108, Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall.


Paul Edward Dutton, History, Simon Fraser University "Goat Song."

Richard J. Cohen, South Asian Studies, Univ. of Pennsylvania "Language, Power, and the Historiography of Middle India"


Anthony Welch, Art History, University of Victoria "Religion and Power in Courtly Art: Architectural Inscriptions on the Quwwat al-Islam Complex (12th-14th c.)."

Amy G. Remensnyder, History, Brown University "Monuments Made By Memory: Royal Reliquaries"

1:00-2:15: Lunch


Jan-Dirk Muller, Inst. fur Deutsche Philologie, Munich. "Cultural Interferences: Latin and Vernacular, Writing and Orality in the German Court of the Late Middle Ages."

Susan Cherniack, Oriental Languages, University of Colorado "Patronage and the Poetic Art of Du Fu."

5:30- 6:30.

Cash Bar, Meany Hotel

7:00: Conference Banquet: Condon Room, Meany Tower, 7:00. Keynote Speaker, Jean-Claude Schmitt, Hautes-Etudes, Paris. "The Poet's Performance and the Power of Images. The Volto Santo of Lucca" (with slides).

Saturday, March 5, Meany Tower.


Chiu-mi Lai, Foreign Languages and Lits., Lewis and Clark College "The Third Century Poetic Craft of Pam Yue and Lu Ji: Innovative Responses to 'Displacement"

Alan Berkowitz, Swarthmore College "Reclusion and the Allure of Disengagement in Early Medieval China."

10:30: Break


Stephen Owen, East Asian Languages and Civ., Harvard University: "The Formation of the T'ang Estate Poem."

5:45-6:45: Reception Hosted by MAP, McMahon Hall, Main Dining Hall.

7:00-8:00, McMahon Hall, Banquet. Speaker, Paul Pascal, Professor Emeritus, Department of Classics, University of Washington: "The Arch-Poet Comes to China."

All lectures are open without charge to members of the university community as well as the general public.

This conference is held in parallel with the annual meeting of the MEDIEVAL ASSOCIATION OF THE PACIFIC, March 4-6. For information, contact Stephen Jaeger, Germanics, DH- 10, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195 (