BIBLIOGRAPHY AND INDEX
                                   Compiled by
                Linda K. Heideman, Ann Razgunas, and Gary Wiggins
                               Indiana University
                           Chemical Information Center
                             Bloomington, IN  47405
                                  December 1984

[N.B. For an update to this bibliography, see: "Teaching and Using 
Chemical Information: an Updated Bibliography," by Carol Carr.  Journal 
of Chemical Education v. 70 no. 9 (September 1993): 719-726.]

             This  work  was  compiled in response to a charge  from  the 
        American  Chemical  Society  Division  of  Chemical   Information 
        Education Committee in the spring of 1984.  It is not copyrighted 
        and  may  be  freely  reproduced.    It  is  our  hope  that  the 
        bibliography   and  index  will  be  useful  to  those  chemistry 
        professors,  librarians,  and  others who provide instruction  to 
        meet  the chemical information requirements of the ACS  Committee 
        on Professional Training.
             The items in the bibliography are numbered consecutively and 
        divided into the following groups:
           General Chemical Literature--Books
           General Chemical Literature--Articles and Chapters in Books
           General Chemical Literature--Audiovisual Materials
           Specific Chemical Literature--Books
           Specific Chemical Literature--Articles and Chapters in Books
           Specific Chemical Literature--Audiovisual Materials
           Information Storage and Retrieval--Books
           Information Storage and Retrieval--Articles and Chapters in
             By "General Chemical Literature" we mean that the full range 
        of  chemistry  is  covered or that the work deals  with  teaching 
        people  how to use the literature as a  whole.   Under  "Specific 
        Chemical  Literature"  we  gathered material about  a  particular 
        topic (e.g.,  physicochemical data), about a particular reference 
        tool (e.g.,  Beilstein),  or about a sub-area of chemistry (e.g., 
        inorganic chemistry),  etc.   While sections of some of the works 
        in  the  first  two  main groups  may  deal  with  computer-based 
        techniques,  we attempted to segregate most of these into "Infor-
        mation Storage and Retrieval".
             The  index  was  included both because  we  found  that  the 
        content of a work was not always clear from the title and because 
        we  wanted  to  build  a  database  which  could  be  used  on  a 
        microcomputer by students and others at Indiana University.  That 
        is a task which lies before us, but which explains the unorthodox 
        citation  formats which we have used.   It is my belief that this 
        will not detract from the usefulness of the  bibliography.   This 
        work  contains  many of the titles which I have found  useful  in 
        teaching  courses in chemical information at Indiana  University. 
        Comments, corrections, and suggestions should be addressed to me.  
        The indexing was done primarily by Linda K. Heideman;   the index 
        was prepared using dBase II by Ann Razgunas.  Without their help, 
        the work may have never been completed.
                                                     Gary Wiggins                                         
                                                     December 1984   
                       General Chemical Literature--Books 
           Meeting the Information Needs of the Process Industries.
           Abrams, Dr. H., ed.     
           Manchester,  England: Institution of Chemical Engineers, North 
           Western Branch, l979.
           (Institution   of  Chemical  Engineers, North  Western Branch, 
           Symposium Papers, l979, no. l.)
           Chemical Industries Information Sources.
           Peck, Theodore P.
           Detroit, MI.: Gale Research Co., 1979.
           (Management Information Guides, no. 29)

           Guide to Basic Information Sources in Chemistry.
           Antony, Arthur.
           New York:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Halsted Press), l979.
           Use of Chemical Literature.
           Bottle, R.T., ed.
           3rd ed.  London, Boston:  Butterworths, l979.
           Library Exercises in Chemical Literature.
           Gorin, George and Dermer, O.C.
           Stillwater,  OK: Chemistry Dept., Oklahoma State University, 
           How  to  Find Chemical Information:  A  Guide  for  Practicing 
           Chemists, Teachers, and Students.
           Maizell, Robert E.
           New York:  John Wiley & Sons, 1979.
           Education in the Use of Libraries and Information in          
           Chemistry:  An Annotated Bibliography.
           Malley, Ian; Petts, Judith  and Smith, Roger M.
           Loughbrough,  (Eng.):   Library,  Loughborough  University  of 
           Technology, 1979.
           (INFUSE Supplement, no. 6)
           Chemical Publications:  Their Nature and Use. 
           Mellon, M.G.
           5th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1982.
           Die Chemische Literatur:  Ihre Erschliessung und Benutzung.
           Mucke, Michael.
           Weinheim, W. Ger.; Deerfield Beach, FL.:  Verlag Chemie, 1982.             
           Note: We did not index this book.
           The Literature Matrix of Chemistry.
           Skolnik, Herman.
           New York:  John Wiley & Sons, 1982.
           Chemical Information:  A Practical Guide to Utilization.
           Wolman, Yecheskel.
           New York:  John Wiley & Sons, 1983.
           Using the Chemical Literature:  A Practical Guide.
           Woodburn, Henry M.
           New York:  Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1974.
           (Books in Library & Information Science, v. 11)
           General Chemical Literature--Articles and Chapters in Books
           Instruction in Chemical Literature:  Industrial Librarian 
           Allan, Ferne C.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.58 no.12 (December 1982): 999-
           Library Searching:  an Industrial User's Viewpoint.
           Hendrickson, W.A.
           Journal  of  Chemical  Education v.59 no.12  (December  1982):  
           Chemical Literature and the Library. in:
           Pecsok, Robert L.; Chapman, Kenneth  and Ponder, Wade H., eds.
           Chemical Technology Handbook:  Guidebook for Industrial
           Chemical Technologists and Technicians.  
           Washington, D.C.: American Chemical Society, 1975. pp. 179-96.
           An Annotated Bibliography for a Course in Literature and 
           Information Retrieval in Chemistry.
           Antony, Arthur.
           Journal of College Science Teaching v.7 no.3 (January 1978): 

           Integration of Chemical History into the Chemical Literature 
           Bohning, James J.
           Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences v.24 no.2 
           (May 1984):  101-7.
           An Introduction to Chemical Literature at the Freshman Level.
           Bramley, Andrew R.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.50 no.10 (October 1973):  700.
           Developing Familiarity with the Primary Literature of 
           Chemistry:  A Student Exercise.      
           Epling, Gary A. and Franck, Richard W.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.56 no.6 (June 1979):  388-89.
           An Approach to Teaching Chemical Information Retrieval.
           Gorin, George.
           Journal  of Chemical Education,  v.59 no.12  (December  1982):  
           Chemical Composition:  Improving the Writing and Literature 
           Searching Skills of Students in the Chemical Sciences.   
           Melhado, L. Lee.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.57 no.2 (February 1980): 127-8.
           Student Use of the Chemical Literature.
           Parker, Gordon A.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.50 no.9 (September 1973):
           A Basic Library Research Unit Developed for Chemical 
           Technology Students.
           Sullivan, Suzanne G. and Maier, Lawrence R.
           Journal  of  Chemical  Education v.56 no.9  (September  1979):  
           The Indiana University Chemical Information Center Program of
           Chemical Literature Instruction.
           Wiggins, Gary.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.59 no.12 (December l982):

           Unresolved Problems and Opportunities in Chemical Literature
           Wilen, Samuel H.
           Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences v. 24
           no. 2 (May 1984): 112-15.
           Advanced Research in Scientific and Technical Fields. in:
           Byrd, Patricia; Drum, Carol A. and Wittkopf, Barbara J.
           Guide  to  Academic  Libraries in the United  States  for 
           Students  of English as a Second Language.  
           Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1981. pp. 136-62.
           Chemical Literature Use. in:
           Chemistry  for Nonscience-Trained Librarians and Informa-
           tion  Scientists:  A Selected Annotated  Bibliography.  
           rev., enl. ed. Silver Spring, MD.: Alpha Omega Group, Inc., 
           1982. pp. 28-35.
           A  Brief  Introduction  to  the  Chemical  Literature  with  a 
           Bibliography and Exercises.
           Hostettler, John D. and Wolfe, Michele B.
           Journal of Chemical Education v. 61 no. 7 (July 1984): 622-4.
           An Introduction to Chemical Literature through Examination.
           Wubbels, Gene G.
           Journal of Chemical Education, v. 49 no. 7 (July 1972): 496-7.
           Incorporating Chemical Literature and Information Retrieval
           into the Chemistry Curriculum at the Hebrew University.
           Wolman, Y.
           Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences v. 24
           no. 3 (August 1984): 135-9.
           A Practical Approach to the Use of Literature Early in a 
           College Career.
           Kline, Eugene A.
           Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences v.24 
           no. 3 (August 1984): 190-2.
           A One-Quarter--One-Credit Course in Chemical Literature.
           Graybeal, Jack D.
           Journal  of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences  v.  24 
           no. 4 (November 1984): 193-5.

               General Chemical Literature--Audiovisual Materials
           Teaching of Chemical Literature:  A List of Audiovisual 
           Douville, Judith A. and Schlessinger, Bernard S.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.57 no.11 (November 1980):  
           Teaching of Chemical Literature:  A List of Audiovisual 
           Materials, Part 2.
           Douville, Judith A.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.60 no.12 (December  1983):  
           Chemists and Their Questions.
           Washington:  American Chemical Society, 1984.
           Videocassette Recording.
           Use of the Chemical Literature:  an Introduction to Chemical 
           Information Retrieval.
           Wilen, Samuel H.
           Washington:  American Chemical Society, 1978.
           Manual & 8 cassettes (22 to 42 min. per side); exercise booklet.
                       Specific Chemical Literature--Books
           The Search for Data in the Physical and Chemical Sciences.
           Arny, Linda Ray.
           New York:  Special Libraries Association, l984.
           Information Retrieval in Chemistry and Chemical Patent Law.
           Grayson, Martin, ed.
           New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1983.
           Beilstein  Dictionary,  German-English:  for the Users of  the 
           Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry.
           New York:  Springer-Verlag, 1979.
           How to Use Beilstein: Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry.
           New York:  Springer-Verlag, 1978.       
           The Beilstein Guide: A Manual for the Use of Beilsteins 
           Handbuch der Organichen Chemie.
           Weissbach, Oskar.
           New York: Springer-Verlag, 1976.
           Printed Access Tools Workbook.
           l984 ed. Columbus, OH:  Chemical Abstracts Service, l984.
           How to Search Printed CA.
           Columbus, OH.: Chemical Abstracts Service, 1983.
           Introduction to Chemical Nomenclature.
           Cahn, R.S. and Dermer, O.C.
           5th ed. London, Boston:  Butterworths, l979.
           Chemical Nomenclature Usage.
           Lees, R. and Smith, A.F., eds.
           Chichester, Eng.: Ellis Horwood Limited, 1983.
           Information Resources in Toxicology.
           Wexler, Philip.
           New York, Amsterdam:  Elsevier/North-Holland, 1982.
          Specific Chemical Literature--Articles and Chapters in Books
           The Crystal-Chemical Literature and the Present State of 
           Scientific Information on Crystal Chemistry.
           Gilinskaya, E.A.
           Journal of Structural Chemistry (March 1981):  683-
           702. (translation of: Zhurnal Strukturnoi Khimii v.21 no.5 
           (September- October 1980):  150-68).
           The Literature of Heterocyclic Chemistry.
           Katritzky, A.R. and Weeds, S.M.
           Advances in Heterocylic Chemistry v.7 (1966):  225-99.
           The Literature of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Part II.
           Katritzky, Alan R. and Jones, Pauline M.
           Advances in Heterocylic Chemistry v.25 (1979):  303-91.
           On Searching the Literature.  in:
           Loewenthal, H.J.E.
           Guide for the Perplexed Organic Experimentalist.
           London, Philadelphia: Heyden & Son, Ltd., 1978. pp. 1-27.
           Resources in Environmental Chemistry:  An Annotated 
           Bibliography of Energy and Energy-Related Topics.
           Moore, John W. and Moore, Elizabeth A.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.52 no.5 (May 1975): 288-95.
           Resources  in Environmental Chemistry II.  An Annotated Bibli-
           ography of Water, Life and Health, and Population Problems.
           Moore, John W. and Moore, Elizabeth A.
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           A Course in Biochemical Literature Survey and the History and 
           Philosophy of Science.
           Osagie, Anthony U.
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           The Organometallic Chemistry of the Main Group Elements--A 
           Guide to the Literature.
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           Retrieval and Use of the Literature of Inorganic Chemistry.
           Woodburn, Henry M.
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           Straightforward Procedure for Locating Chemical Compounds in 
           the Beilstein Handbook.
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           A Student Guide to Chemical Abstracts.
           Crombie, D.A.
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               Specific Chemical Literature--Audiovisual Materials
           A Guide to Gmelin.
           Boca Raton, FL:  J. Huley Assoc., 1982.
           32 slides; 1 sound cassette (19 min.); and notes.
           A Guide to Beilsteins Handbuch Der Organischen Chemie.
           Vestling, Martha M. and Liebe, Janice T.
           Boca Raton, FL:  J. Huley Assoc., 1975.
           31 slides; 1 sound cassette; notes; and glossary.
           A Guide to Chemical Abstracts.
           Delks, Patricia J.
           Boca, Raton, FL:  J. Huley Assoc., 1977.
           43 slides; 1 sound cassette (21 min.); and script.
           Chemical Abstracts:  an Introduction to its Effective Use.   
           Dickman, John T.; O'Hara, Michael P. and Ramsay, O. Bertrand.
           Washington:  American Chemical Society, 1979.
           Manual; 2 sound cassettes (31 to 38 min. per side).
           Using Chemical Abstracts.
           London:  Royal Society of Chemistry, 1984.
           1 sound cassette and workbook.
           A Guide to Sadtler.
           Drum, Carol A.
           Boca Raton, FL:  J. Huley Assoc., 1982.
           39 slides; 1 sound cassette (32 min.); and notes.
                    Information Storage and Retrieval--Books
           Chemical Information Systems.
           Ash, Janet E. and Hyde, Ernest, eds.
           New York:  John Wiley & Sons Inc. (Halsted Press), l975.
           Information Retrieval and Documentation in Chemistry.
           Davis, Charles H. and Rush, James E.
           Westport, CN:  Greenwood Press, 1974.
           (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science, no. 8) 
           Computer Handling of Chemical Structure Information.
           Lynch, Michael F., Harrison, Judith M. and Town, William G.
           New York:  American Elsevier Inc., 1971.
           The Wiswesser Line-Formula Chemical Notation (WLN).
           Smith, Elbert G. and Baker, Peter A., eds.
           3rd ed.  Cherry Hill,  N.J.: Chemical Information Management, 
           Inc., 1975.
           Computer Representation and Manipulation of Chemical 
           Wipke, W. Todd; Heller, Stephen R.; Feldmann, Richard J. and 
           Hyde, Ernest.
           New York:  John Wiley & Sons, 1973.
           CA Search for Beginners:  an Introduction to On-Line Access to 
           CA  Search via the System Development Corporation ORBIT Search 
           Columbus, OH:  Chemical Abstracts Service, l980.
           Note: Editions also exist for DIALOG and BRS.
           How to Use CA Search: An Instructional Manual on On-line Access 
           to CA Search.
           Columbus, OH.:  Chemical Abstracts Service, 1982.
           Online-Recherchen  in Datenbanken des  Chemical  Abstracts 
           Service:  Eine Einfuhrung in das System SDC/Orbit.
           Rehm, F.-P.; Montforts, M.; Ockenfeld, G. and Wess, G.
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           Using the CAS Individual Search Service for Selective Current 
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           Communication, Storage, and Retrieval of Chemical Information.
           Ash, Janet E. et al., eds.
           Chichester,  West  Sussex,  England:  E.  Horwood;  New  York: 
           Halsted Press, 1984.
           Note: We did not index this book.
        Information Storage and Retrieval--Articles and Chapters in Books
           DIALOG in the Classroom.
           Gaus, Paul L.; Borders, C.L., Jr.; Powell D.L. and Surkey, 
           Journal of Chemical Education v.60 no.12 (December 1983):  
           Introduction to Chemical Information Storage and Retrieval.
           Rusch, Peter F.
           Journal of Chemical Education v.58 no.4 (April 1981):  337-42.
           Available Systems of Structure Representation.
           Warr, W. A.
           in: Chemical Nomenclature Usage, Edited by R. Lees and A. F. 
           New York: Halsted Press, 1983. pp. 124-31.
           Chemical Reactions Information Retrieval from Chemical Abstracts 
           Service Publications and Services.                               
           Beach, A.J.; Dabek, H.F., Jr. and Hosansky, N.L.
           Journal  of  Chemical Information and Computer  Sciences  v.19 
           no.3 (August 1979):  149-55.
           Guides to Chemical Searching Online-Chemical Abstracts.
           Buntrock, Robert E.
           Database v. 6 no. 1 (February 1983): 65-8.
             Entries  in  the  bibliography are indexed  to  the  chapter 
        level.   For example,  "10-6" indicates Chapter 6 in entry number 
        0010, The Literature Matrix of Chemistry.
        Abstracts & Indexes
             (Includes all except Chemical Abstracts)
             10-6;  10-8;  1-12; 3-4; 4-5; 5-App.I; 6-7; 6-12; 8-6; 11-4; 
             12-11; 35-IIA; 35-III; 64-4.
             See  also:   Book  Reviews;   Chemical  Abstracts;  Chemical 
             Reaction  Indexing; Formula  Indexes; Ring Systems Indexes 
        Analytical Chemistry
             4-9; 8-10; 10-1 
        Audio-Visual Media
             3-20; 8-11; 32; 33
             3-14;  4-11; 6-10; 8-10; 10-2; 11-6; 12-8; 35-IIB; 37-1; 39-
             1; 40-1; 40-2; 40-4; 40-App.1; 55; 58
             3-8; 4-7; 8-8
             8-10; 10-1; 3-13 
             (Includes chemists; chemical engineers; college faculties in 
             chemistry, chemical engineering, and biochemistry; contemporary 
             American scientists and contemporary British chemists.)
             3-18; 8-12; 10-1; 11-12; 35-V; 4-16
             See also: Directories, Business & Professional
        Book Reviews
             (Includes book review indexes)
             4-3; 4-7; 11-4; 12-4; 35-IIA      

        Books, Guides
             (Includes subject guides and union catalogs)
             6-10; 8-12; 39-IIA
             See: Chemical Abstracts

        CA Search
             (A computer-readable file created from the same information 
             base used to create Chemical Abstracts in print)
             68; 69; 70; 76
             See: Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index
        Chemical Abstracts
             3-3;  4-5;  6-6; 6-12; 6-App.; 8-7; 10-7; 11-3; 11-9; 12-12; 
             26; 35-IIA; 35-IV; 41; 56; 59; 60; 61; 75
             See also: CA Search; Individual Search Service
        Chemical Abstacts Service Source Index
             3-6; 12-13; 26; 35-V; 41; 60-p.181
             See also: Periodicals, Guides
        Chemical Engineering
             2-all; 8-10; 10-1 
             See also: Industrial Chemistry; Industrial Process Information
        Chemical Literature Guides
             (Bibliographies   of   works  covering  the  literature   of 
             chemistry as a whole)    
             3-2; 8-12; 10-1; 12-1; 37-1; 46; 47; 50; 51; 53; 54           
             See also: Entries at specific subdisciplines of chemistry
        Chemical Literature Instruction
             (Includes materials on teaching the use of chemical 
             7;  13;  16; 17; 18; 19; 21; 22; 23; 24; 25; 27; 28; 29; 30; 
             31; 31a; 32; 33; 52
        Chemical Literature, Overview
             (General discussion of chemical information activities, 
             types of searches, classification of the literature, etc.)
             15; 34; 35-I; 63-17; 64-2 
        Chemical Process Information
             See: Industrial Process Information
        Chemical Reaction Indexing
             (A means of providing access to reaction information in 
             order to aid syntheses)
             63-15; 65-10; 67-1; 67-2; 67-4 

        Chemical Structure Coding
             4-6; 63-2; 63-7; 63-8; 63-9; 63-10; 63-11; 63-12; 63-13; 
             64-8; 65-1; 65-2; 74
             See also: Wiswesser Line Formula Notation; Dyson IUPAC 
                       Linear Notation;  Connection Tables; GREMAS Linear 
                       Notation;  Fragment  Codes;  Chemical Substructure 
                       Searching;  Computer Assisted Techniques, Chemical 
                       Structure Information; Registration
        Chemical Substructure Searching
             (Methods of identifying all compounds in a file which 
             contain a particular partial structure)
             63-11; 63-14; 65-5; 67-1; 67-2; 67-3; 67-5     
             See also: Computer Assisted Techniques, Chemical Structure 
        Citation of References (Format)
             See: Scientific Writing
        Computer Assisted Techniques, Chemical Structure Information
             (Methods used for providing chemical structure information in 
             machine-readable form for input and for making it available 
             as output)
             65-3; 65-7; 65-9
        Computer Assisted Techniques, Organic Synthesis Design
        Computer Search Services
             See: Online Services
        Computer Searching
             See: Online Searching
        Conference Proceedings
             3-7; 4-7; 6-4; 11-4; 35-III 
        Connection Tables
             (A means of representing a chemical structure by listing each              
             atom together with all its attached atoms and bonds.)
             63-11; 64-9; 65-2; 74 
        Copyright and Copying
        CROSSBOW System
             (A chemical compound storage and retrieval system)
        Crystal Chemistry
        Crystal Structure Data
             See: Data Compilations, Crystallographic
             See: Crystal Chemistry
        Current Awareness
              4-5; 6-4; 6-App.; 8-14; 11-4; 12-14; 35-IV; 37-1; 71    
              See also: Individual Search Service
        Data Compilations
             See also: More specific headings following this listing and 
                       names of important compilations, e.g., Beilstein
        Data Compilations, Crystallographic
             3-13; 11-6 
        Data Compilations, Physicochemical (multi-volume works)
             1-5;  1-6;  3-12; 3-13; 4-8; 6-13; 10-3; 11-6; 12-6; 35-IIB; 
             See also: Beilstein; Gmelin; Landolt-Bornstein; National 
                       Standard Reference Data System
        Data Compilations, Spectral
             3-12; 3-13; 4-8; 4-12; 11-6; 12-7; 35-IIB; 62 
             See also: Sadtler Spectral Collections
        Data Compilations, Theoretical
        Data Compilations, Thermodynamic and Thermochemical
             See: Online Services
        Dictionaries, English
             (Those specific to chemical and chemical technology terms in 
             3-10; 8-9; 10-1; 35-IIA; 37-1      
        Dictionaries, Foreign Language
             (Those specific to chemical and chemical technology terms 
             which include English and at least one other language)
             3-11; 8-12; 10-1; 38; 40-App.2
        Directories, Business and Professional
             (Includes chemists; chemical engineers; college faculties in 
             chemistry, chemical engineering, and biochemistry; and 
             administrative  personnel of both the American  and  British 
             chemical industries)
             3-18; 3-19; 4-15; 8-12; 10-1; 11-12; 35-V; 37-1 
        Directories, Products & Services
             (Limited to chemistry and the chemical industry)
             3-19; 4-15; 6-14; 8-12; 10-1; 11-8; 11-11; 35-V; 37-1 
        Directories, Research Centers
             (Includes industrial laboratories, academic departments and 
             nonprofit research organizations)
             3-19; 4-16 
             (Includes theses)
             1-3; 3-7; 4-3; 6-4; 8-5; 35-IIA; 35-III
        Document Delivery
             (Refers to interlibrary loan or commercial services used to 
             obtain books on loan or photocopies of periodical articles)
             6-5; 11-3; 35-V; 60-p.194 
        DYSON IUPAC Linear Notation
             63-10; 64-8; 65-2
             (Those specific to chemistry and chemical technology)
             3-10; 4-7; 4-8; 6-10; 8-9; 10-1; 10-2; 35-IIA; 37-1 
        Environmental Chemistry
             50; 51 
        Formula Indexes
             See also: Chemical Abstracts
        Fragment Codes
             (A means of describing a chemical structure by assigning a code 
             number to each group of atoms)
             63-11; 63-12; 65-6; 74 
             3-14; 6-10; 8-10; 10-2; 11-6; 12-10; 35-IIB; 37-1; 57 
        Government Publications, Foreign
             4-15; 37-1 
             See also: United Nations Publications
        Government Publications, U.S.
             12-3; 35-III 
             See also: Technical Reports
        GREMAS Linear Notation
             63-12; 63-13; 64-8; 65-9; 67-5
        Guides to Chemical Literature
             See: Chemical Literature Guides
        Guides to Periodicals
             See:  Periodicals, Guides
             (One-volume works containing physicochemical data) 
             3-12; 3-13; 4; 6-13; 8-9; 10-1; 10-3; 35-IIA; 35-IIB; 37-1      
             See also:  Data Compilations, Physicochemical 
        Heterocyclic Chemistry
             47; 48 
        History of Chemical Literature
             8-1; 10-5; 10-10
             See also: Scientific Societies
        History of Chemistry
             (Includes the development of chemistry as a science and those 
             scientists who made important discoveries or contributions)
             3-21; 4-17; 10-10; 10-11; 17 
        House Organs
             See: Trade literature     
             See: Document Delivery
        Indexing Systems
             (Includes personal, manual, and computer-assisted indexing 
             of written materials)
             1-10; 63-4; 64-3 
        Individual Search Service
        Industrial Chemistry
             2-all; 8-10; 10-1 
             See also: Chemical Engineering; Industrial Process 
        Industrial Process Information
             1-11; 1-12; 1-13; 2-all; 6-15; 11-11 
        Industrial Safety
             See: Safety, Industrial
        Inorganic Chemistry
             3-13; 4-9; 6-10; 8-10; 10-1; 11-8; 54
             See also: Gmelin
        Interlibrary Loan
             See: Document Delivery
        IUPAC Linear Notation
             See: Dyson IUPAC Linear Notation
              See: Periodicals
        Laboratory Experiments
             See: Textbooks
        Laboratory Methods
             (Includes analyses, formularies, instrumentation, and 
             3-15; 5-App.IV; 8-9; 35-IIB; 37-1 
        Laboratory Planning
             (Planning chemical laboratories for teaching and for R&D)
        Laboratory Safety
             See: Safety, Laboratory
             4-8; 11-6; 12-6; 35-IIB; 8-9
        Libraries and Information Centers
             (Includes general descriptions of services and some 
             classification systems)
             1-1;  1-9;  1-13;  8-13; 10-1; 11-3; 12-2; 15; 35-IIA; 63-1; 
             63-3; 63-6; 63-13; 63-17
             See also: Chemical Literature, Overview; Scientific and 
                       Technical Communication
        Library Problem Sets
             See: Practical Exercises
        Literature Guides
             See: Chemical Literature Guides
             See: Current Awareness
        Meeting Papers
             See: Conference Proceedings 
        Microform Publications
             (Chemical journals published in microform)
             (Refers  to comprehensive single-volume surveys of  contemp-
             orary knowledge on a particular topic in chemistry)
             4-7; 8-10
        National Standard Reference Data System
             (A  system designed to oversee the evaluation and publishing 
             of accurate numerical data in the U.S.)
             3-12; 6-13; 8-9; 12-6; 35-IIB; 36-10; 36-App.A
        NIH/EPA Chemical Information System
             (National Institutes of Health/Environmental Protection 
             Agency Chemical Information System, an online computer system 
             that handles chemical and toxicological data)
             3-9; 4-6; 8-12; 12-5; 35-V; 43; 64-7; 65-1
             See: National Standard Reference Data System
             See: Technical Reports
        Nuclear Chemistry
        Online Search Strategy
             See: Search Strategy, Online
        Online Searching
             (Generally descriptive information including definition of 
             1-8;  6-8; 8-15; 10-9; 11-14; 68-I; 68-II; 68-III; 69-I; 72; 
        Online Searching, Bibliography
             (Includes books/papers, thesauri/word lists, journals, 
             newsletters, training)
             8-15; 10-9; 11-14; 12-8; 37-1; 76
        Online Services
             (Includes database vendors and database producers/ 
             1-8;  3-5;  4-5;  6-8; 8-15; 10-7; 10-8; 10-9; 12-18; 35-IV; 
             37-1; 65-8; 70
        Organic Chemistry
             3-13; 4-11; 4-12; 6-10; 8-10; 10-1; 11-8; 12-9; 26
             See also: Beilstein
        Organometallic Chemistry
        Package Alerting Service
             See: Current Awareness
             1-7;  3-7;  4-14; 6-5; 6-App.; 6-11; 8-4; 10-4; 11-4; 11-13; 
             12-17; 35-III; 37-1; 37-2; 63-5
        Pattern Recognition Techniques
             (Includes scientific journals)
             4-3; 5-App.II; 8-2; 10-5; 11-2 
             See also: Rankings of Chemical Periodicals
        Periodicals, Guides
             3-6; 4-3; 10-1     
        Pharmaceutical Chemistry
        Physical Chemistry
             8-10; 10-1
             See also: Landolt-Bornstein
        Physicochemical Data Compilations
             See: Data Compilations, Physicochemical (multi-volume works)
        Polymer Chemistry
             3-13; 4-13; 10-1
        Practical Exercises
             3-32;  4-App.1;  4-2;  5; 8-16; 11-6; 11-7; 11-8; 11-10; 18; 
             20; 22; 23; 28; 29; 35-Supp.1; 41; 58; 60-p.96; 68-IV; 68-V; 
             69; 72   
        Problem Sets 
             (In chemical literature)
             See: Practical Exercises
             See: Structure/Property Correlations
        Radiological Health and Safety
             See: Safety, Radiological Health and
        Rankings of Chemical Periodicals
             (Procedure which links together all information relating to
             specific chemical structures)
        Research in Progress
             (Ongoing   project  information  from  government  agencies, 
             nonprofit organizations, and colleges and universities)
             6-4; 11-4
        Retrieval Systems Evaluation
             (Precision and recall)
             64-6; 67-1
        Review Serials
             (Works which publish review articles on various aspects 
             of chemistry)
             4-7; 5-App.III; 6-9; 8-6; 11-4; 35-IIA; 37-1 
        Reviews, Guides
             (Indexes to reviews on particular topics in chemistry)
        Ring Systems Indexes
             4-6; 12-5 
             See also: Chemical Abstracts
        Sadtler Spectral Collections
             62; 12-7
        Safety, Environmental
             6-12; 6-App.; 11-10; 51 
             See also: NIH/EPA Chemical Information System; Toxicology
        Safety, Industrial
             (Includes toxicity and hazard data)
             1-4; 3-16; 6-12; 6-App.; 10-1; 11-10; 35-V 
             See also: Toxicology
        Safety, Laboratory
             (Includes toxicity and hazard data)
             3-16; 6-12; 6-App.; 11-10; 35-V 
             See also: Toxicology
        Safety, Radiological Health and 
             See also: Toxicology
        Science Citation Index
        Scientific and Technical Communication
             (Descriptive material,  including formal vs.  informal  com-
             munication patterns of scientists)
             6-1; 6-2; 64-2 
        Scientific Societies
             (Includes directories)
             8-12; 13-5 
             See also: Directories, Business & Professional
        Scientific Writing
             (Includes style manuals, citation of references)
             3-17; 8-2; 10-1; 35-V 
             (Filters for large machine-readable chemical structure files
             generated from linear notations or connection tables
             to  eliminate at the outset large numbers of structures  not      
             meeting the requirements of a substructure search)
             63-11; 63-12; 65-5; 65-6 
             See also: Fragment Codes
             See: Current Awareness
        Search Strategy, Manual
             (Manual searching of printed sources; does not include 
             strategies for online searching)
             1-1; 3-22; 4-16; 4-18; 6-3; 8-14; 11-5; 11-6; 11-7; 11-8; 
             11-10; 12-13; 14; 39-2; 40-3; 64-5 
        Search Strategy, Online
             (Methods utilized in searching online databases)
             6-8; 8-15; 11-7; 35-IV; 64-5; 68-IV; 68-V; 69; 70; 73 
        Selective Dissemination of Information
             See: Current Awareness
        Spectral Data Compilations
             See: Data Compilations, Spectral
        Standard Interest Profiles
             See: Current Awareness
        Structure/Property Correlations
             (Identification of chemical structures or substructures with 
             particular biological activity or physical properties)
             63-14; 63-16 
             See: Laboratory Methods
        Technical Reports
             (Primarily U.S. government documents available in the public 
             domain from NTIS and other organizations)
             3-7; 4-3; 8-3; 12-3 
        Technical Writing
             See: Scientific Writing
        Theoretical Data Compilations
             See: Data Compilations, Theoretical
        Thermodynamic and Thermochemical Data Compilations
             See: Data Compilations, Thermodynamic and Thermochemical
             See: Dissertations
        Toxicity Data
             See: Headings beginning with "Safety,..."
             45-all; 51 
        Trade Literature
             (Includes manufacturer's technical publications, house 
             organs, brochures & pamphlets, etc.) 
             4-15; 8-5
             4-4; 6-5; 8-2; 11-3; 12-16; 35-V  
             3-21; 8-10; 10-2; 35-IIA; 37-1 
        Union Lists of Periodicals
             See: Periodicals, Guides
        United Nations Publications
        Wiswesser Line Formula Notation (WLN)
             4-6; 11-9; 12-5; 24; 63-9; 64-8; 65-2; 74 
        CCIIM: 00-35.d84