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Your dissertation could be made freely available via the Internet for other scholars to find, read, and potentially cite.


What is IUScholarWorks Repository?
IUScholarWorks is a digital repository that provides open access to the work of IU scholars while insuring that these resources are preserved and organized for the future. More about IUScholarWorks.


Why Include My Dissertation in IUScholarWorks Repository?

  • you get a permanent, stable URL for the work that you can then post on your web sites
  • the work will be preserved in perpetuity even as technology changes
  • the copyright to the thesis remains yours
  • research has shown that freely available publications, especially dissertations, are more frequently downloaded and cited thus raising your profile.

What Do I Have To Do To Put My Dissertation Into IUScholarWorks Repository?

  • Submit your dissertation to the IU Graduate School in electronic format
  • Give us permission to post your dissertation
  • There is NO CHARGE for this service, so that’s it!

Because we work closely with the Indiana University Graduate School, the Libraries will receive a digital copy of your dissertation. So, all we need from you is your permission to post the file in our repository. Before granting permission however, there are some things to consider first. Please be aware that depositing your work into the IUScholarWorks Repository may limit your ability to subsequently publish it. Authors who may want to submit their work for subsequent publication (such as a book) are advised to check publishers' pre-publication requirements before submitting. We are able to embargo your dissertation, meaning that we can make it not available for a certain time period (six months, one year, and two years), while patents are filed or books are published, etc. if you wish. We can also only accept items where you have retained the copyright to the material within your dissertation.


While we are discussing copyrights, you should also be aware that by default all items in the Repository are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved for you, the copyright holder.


As an alternative to reserving all rights, you may also consider licensing your work under a Creative Commons license, under which you can preserve rights important to you (e.g., proper attribution,) and at the same time explicitly grant certain rights that you choose to readers (e.g., copy, distribute, display, or perform the work.) Documents in the IUScholarWorks Repository that are licensed under Creative Commons licenses will display the license conditions with the item.


Okay, Sign Me Up!
If you will allow us to preserve and make available your dissertation, please fill out the form.


If you have any questions concerning the repository or about this process, please feel free to send inquiries to the IUScholarWorks team at

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