What is the IUScholarWorks Repository?

The IUScholarWorks Repository is a digital repository for disseminating and preserving scholarly work created at Indiana University. It manages and distributes digital items and allows for the creation, indexing, and searching of the files and associated metadata to locate and retrieve the items. IUScholarWorks is built on DSpace, open-source software created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that is widely used to create interoperable scholarship repositories. The Repository is supported by the IU Libraries and the Digital Library Program.

How is the IUScholarWorks Repository organized?

The repository is organized into communities (departments, research centers, or other groups) and collections (published scholarly articles, conference proceedings, occasional papers, or other types of scholarly materials that a community decides to deposit here).

Who can read the files in the IUScholarWorks Repository?

The IUScholarWorks Repository provides easy access to freely distributed research. The default is open access to all deposited items for all users of the World Wide Web.

How do I find an item in the IUScholarWorks Repository?

The organization of the IUScholarWorks Repository makes it easy to browse by community and by collection. It can also be searched by keyword or phrase, or browsed by author, title, or date submitted. Also the metadata will be picked up and incoperated by other similar search systems and by general search engines like Google.

How do I link to an item in the IUScholarWorks Repository?

Every item in the IUScholarWorks Repository has a persistant/static URL (called an identifier or a handle) that can be linked to directly from your personal or department website.

Do other universities have digital repositories?

Yes: examples include University of Kansas (KU ScholarWorks: http://kuscholarworks.ku.edu/), the University of California system (EScholarship: http://repositories.cdlib.org/escholarship/) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (DSpace: http://dspace.mit.edu/).

What software does the IUScholarWorks Repository use?

The IUScholarWorks Repository is built on DSpace, which is freely available open source software jointly developed by MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard Labs as a solution for creating various kinds of digital repositories. DSpace is developed in Java, using Java Servlet technology and Java Server Pages, and uses the PostgreSQL relational database to store the metadata. The document objects are stored as bitstreams on disk, and both the metadata and document text are indexed and searched via the Apache Lucene text search engine. Persistent identifiers to items are provided by the CNRI Handle system.

The IUScholarWorks Repository is currently hosted on IBM eServer pSeries server hardware running version 5.1 of the IBM AIX operating system, and is served using the open source Tomcat application server and Apache HTTP Server software. The IBM eServer has 4GB of memory, and is attached to external storage devices that allow for flexible allocation of disk space to the IUScholarWorks Repository asset store.

Who should I contact for further information about the IUScholarWorks Repository?

To contact the project team, please use the online form for Questions or Commments. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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IUScholarWorks Repository is built on DSpace Software Copyright © 2002-2004 MIT and Hewlett-Packard

IUScholarWorks Repository, a service of IUScholarWorks, is supported by the IU Libraries and the IU Digital Library Program,
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