Indiana University Bloomington

May 31, 2017 – June 3, 2017

Information for Attendees

All Events in the Wright Education Building (WEB), 201 N. Rose Ave., unless otherwise noted.




Wednesday 12:00 Noon

WEB Lobby

All Participants

Wednesday 1:00 PM; Return 4:30 PM


Labor History Tour

Debs House

Lisa Phillips


Meet at WEB lobby for bus to

Terre Haute


Wednesday 5:30 to 7:15 PM

Nick's English Hut, 423 E Kirkwood Ave



Working Class Studies Association

Meet and Greet

All Welcome, Hosted by WCSA Steering Committee

Wednesday 7:30 PM

IU Cinema

1213 E. 7th St

Film Screening

The Killing Floor

Host: Joseph Varga

Discussion to Follow


Thursday 7:45 AM

WEB Lobby

Registration and breakfast




8:45 AM to 10:15 AM




Aesthetic Pipelines: Working Class and First Nations Interventions Into an Economy of Poison


Moderator: Gary Jones

Ryan Poll; Northeastern Illinois University

“Aesthetic Pipelines: Working Class and First Nations Interventions into an Economy of Poison”


Terrie Albano; People’s World

“Exploring Disunities and Necessary Solidarities in Labor and Working Class Politics: Reflections on a Year of Reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline”


Tim Libretti; Northeastern Illinois University

“The Nations of the U.S. Working Class Speak: Understanding the Quest for Sovereignty and Land as Working Class Revolutionary Politics”


WEB 1006

The Brexit Generation


Moderator: Tim Strangelman

Lisa McKenzie; London School of Economics

“The Class Politics of Prejudice: Brexit, and the Land of Hope and Glory”


Valerie Walkerdine; Cardiff University

“Brexit, the politics of class and de-industrialised communities”


Darren Nixon; Leeds Beckett University

“Yearning to Labour? Working-Class Men in Post-Industrial Britain”



WEB 1084

Class On Campus: The Student Experience



Moderator: Courtney Maloney

Colby King; Bridgewater State University

Allison Hurst; Oregon State University

“Class Struggles: Acquisition and Deployment of Social and Cultural Capital among College Students at two Campuses”


Debbie Warnock;

SUNY Cortland

“But that’s not who I am: Race-based assumptions of social class identity and their consequences at a predominantly white institution”


Lindsey Clifton; Kent State University

"Minding the Gap: How Divisions in K-12 and Collegiate Research Limit Working-Class Students"



WEB 1201

Labor History I: Organizing Migrants and Prisoners

Moderator: Jackie Gabriel

Nathaniel Bryant; California State University-Chico

“Organizing the Convicted Class: The Brief Life of United Prisoners Union, 1970-1977”


Laura Westhoff; University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Citizenship vs. Class: The Community Service Organization in Oxnard, CA”


Deborah Cohen; University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Possibilities of a Pan-farmworker Class: Challenging the Preeminence of the National in the Post-WWII Period”


Thursday 10:30 AM to 12:00 noon


Wright Ed Building


Josh Pacewicz,

Sociology, Brown University

“Trumpism before Trump: Rust Belt Populism during the 2008 and 2012 Elections”


Thursday 12:15 to 1:30 PM

WEB Lobby


Graduate Student Meet and Greet Lunch

Katherine Kidd

Thursday 1:45 to 3:15 PM



WEB 1006


Liberal Arts Defenders Film Screening

Marc DiPaolo; Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Film Screening and Discussion: “Liberal Arts Defenders”


WEB 1084


Working Class Voters and the Trump Election

Moderator: Terry Easton

Michael Zweig; SUNY Stony Brook

“Race, Class, and Trump in the White House”


John Russo; Georgetown University

Sherry Linkon; Georgetown University

“Class, Race, and the Media: (Mis)Representing the White Working-Class Vote in 2016”


WEB 1201

Labor History II: Organizing the Midwest


Moderator: Gary Jones

Cory Haala; Marquette University

“’From Farmhouse to Townhouse’: Bridging Rural-Urban Divides among Democratic Voters in the 1980s Midwest”


Mara Fridell; University of Manitoba

“Working Class Solidarity: Immigration to the Midwest, Internationalism, and the Red-Green Politics of Midwestern Foresters in the Early 20th Century”


Joshua Murray; Vanderbilt University

Michael Schwartz; SUNY Stony Brook


Thursday 3:30 PM to 4:45


WEB 1004

Social Movements in Theory and Practice

Moderator: Lisa McKenzie

Simon Lee; University of California-Riverside

“Autodidacticism and Institutional Resistance”


Tim Libretti; Northeastern Illinois University

“America’s Confederate Heart: Critiquing the Most Damaging Ingrained Class Ideologies through an Analysis of Race, Gender, and Meritocracy”


Frederik Egefur; Lund University

“The Conceptual History of Peace and Internationalism in the early Labour Movement”


Megan Osborn; Virginia Commonwealth University

“Where Our Movements Have Gone Wrong: Attitudinal and Structural Factors that Recreate Societal Inequalities within Social Movements”



WEB 1006


Making the WCSA Flourish: Action Gathering One

Hosted by: Michele Fazio, Sara Appel, Scott Henkel, Ken Estey and Allison Hurst



WEB 1084

Notches in the Rust Belt


Moderator: Joe Varga

James Rhodes; University of Manchester

“Distinguishing in Decline: Race, Class, and Homeownership in Youngstown”


Jackie Gabriel; Western State Colorado University

“Manufacturing in the Midwest: Deindustrialization or Domestic Outsourcing?”


Colby King; Bridgewater State University

Laura Crommelin; University of New South Wales

“Shifting gears, creatively: Divergent occupational shifts for the working class in post-recession Detroit and Pittsburgh”



WEB 1201

Labor History III: Struggles in the Mines and at the Forge

Moderator: Chuck Davis

Joel Woller; University of Carlow

“Progress” vs. “Revolution:” Steelworkers’ Conceptions of History, 1892-1942”


Marcelo Bezerra; Universidade Federal Fluminense

“The Battle of the ‘Castanheiras’ (1968): An experience in working class organization in Brazil.”


Michael Bailey; University of Essex

“Women and Gender Relations in the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike”

Thursday 5:15 to 6:30


WEB Auditorium


The State of Working Class Studies

Terry Easton; University of North Georgia


Christie Launius; University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh


Tim Strangelman; University of Kent


Michele Fazio; University of North Carolina-Pembroke

Thursday 7:00 PM


WEB Auditorium


Film Screening

Exit Zero

Christine Walley

Discussion to follow screening.

Friday 7:45 AM

WEB Lobby


Registration and Breakfast


Friday 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM



WEB 1004

Bronx Migrations Book Discussion

Michelle Tokarczyk; Goucher College

Moderator: Sara Appel

Sarah Attfield; University of Technology-Sidney


Christie Launius; University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh


Cherie Rankin; Heartland Community College


WEB 1006

Unions, Workers, and the Ballot Box

Moderator: Michael Zweig

Laura Bucci;

Indiana University

“The States and the Unions: Public Opinion and Policy Response”


Barbara Jensen;

Independent Scholar, Past President, WCSA

“Donald Trump and the Betrayal of Belonging: The Shadow Side of Community-Based Identity and Culture in the American White Working Class”


Allison Hurst; Oregon State University

“Working Class Fractions and the Presidential Vote, 1968-2012”


WEB 1084

Working Class Solidarity, Capitalist Fragmentations


Moderator: Jackie Gabriel

Maka Suarez; Goldsmiths, University of London

“A bottom-up debt jubilee: Ecuadorian migrants fighting indebtedness in Barcelona”


Denise Lynn; University of Southern Indiana

“The Dangers of ’Bourgeois’ Feminism: Working-class organization against the Equal Rights Amendment.”


Andrew Kolin; Hilbert College

“Labor Repression in the United States: Past, Present and Future”



WEB 1201

Multiple Conceptions of Workers and Struggle


Moderator: Marquita Walker

Lew Caccia; Kent State University at Stark

“Accessing Work, Labor, and Action: Agency for Graduate Teaching Assistants”


Jeremy Baker; Columbus State Community College

“Everybody’s Got a Hustle”: A Study of the Non-Domestic Work of Stay-at-Home Parents”


Brooke Beloso; Butler University

“Sex Trafficking Panics as Class Warfare”


Ercie Offre; Bridgewater State University

“Paternity Leave”


Friday 10:30 AM to 12:00 Noon


Wilkie Auditorium

Sara Goldrick-Rab

Temple University

School of Education


“Paying the Price”

Friday 12:15 to 1:30 PM

WEB 1004


WCSA Membership Meeting

All Welcome and Encouraged to Attend

Friday 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM



WEB 1004


Roundtable Book Discussion: Nancy Isenberg’s “White Trash”

Moderator: Joe Varga


Neil Roos, University of the Free State (South Africa)


Jason Ward, Mississippi State U


Sakina Hughes, Univ. of Southern Indiana




WEB 1006


Bringing a Working Class Revolution to higher Education


Moderator: Jesse Streib

Sara Goldrick-Rab; Temple University


Fabio Rojas; Indiana University


Jessica Calarco; Indiana University


Jessie Streib; Duke University


WEB 1084

Gender Trouble I: Violent And Masculinity


Moderator: Freya Thimson

Ben Clarke; University of North Carolina-Greensboro

“A “passive dungheap”: Irvine Welsh, Neoliberalism and the Lumpenproletariat”


Sarah Attfield; University of Technology-Sidney

“Violent Masculinities in Australian Working-Class Film”


Deon Harrell; University of North Carolina-Pembroke

"To Hell Out of Here Old Woman": The Deconstruction of Working Class Masculinity”



WEB 1201


The Russian Revolution A Hundred Years Later; Relevances for the 21st Century Part I


Moderator: Harry Targ

Harry Targ; Purdue University

“Twentieth Century Revolutions: Planting Seeds for Twenty-first Century Socialism”


Paul Krehbiel; CCDS

“The Russian Revolution and the Labor Movement in the United States”


Gary Hicks; Bay Area Housing Advocate

“Race, Class, The Russian Revolution and African Liberation Struggles”


WEB 1230


Student Poster Session

Michele Fazio; UNC Pembroke


Deborah Warnock; SUNY Cortland

Friday 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM




WEB 1004

Moderator: Harry Targ



The Russian Revolution A Hundred Years Later; Relevances for the 21st Century Part II

Harry Targ; Purdue University


Janet Tucker; Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

“Revolutionary Spirit, Class Struggle, and Political Activism in the United States”


Meta Van Sickel; College of Charleston

“Revolutions in Education: From the Russian Revolution to Paolo Freire”


Carl Davidson; Online University of the Left

“Historicizing the Russian Revolution”


WEB 1084


Work Decline, Loss, and Change: Exploring Working Class Deindustrialization in the ‘Garden of England’ Part I

Moderator: Tim Strangelman

Tim Strangelman; University of Kent


David Netteingham; University of Kent

“(De) Industrial Displacement: Remebering and Reinventing a Shipbuilding Past”


Emma Pleasant; University of Kent

“The Cultural Bridging of Skilled Identities and Working Class Respectability”


WEB 1201

Gender Trouble II: Representations of Women and Work


Moderator: Michele Fazio

Andrew Burns; UNC Pembroke

“On the Fringe: Female Agency in Working Class Society as Portrayed by Pietro di Donato through Christ in Concrete”


Sara Appel; Lewis and Clark College

“Gutter Punks and Bitchy Bitches: Working Class Feminism in Alternative Comics”


Carmen Hernandez; Georgetown University

“Global Class Differences at Home: Reading the American Contemporary Nanny Narrative”


Asia Muhammad; UNC Pembroke

“The Walking Dead’s Gender Problem”


Christopher Walker; UNC Pembroke


Chair: Michele Fazio; UNC Pembroke

Friday 5:15 to 6:15


Wright Building



“Math is Hard”

Musical Performance



Cynthia George; University of Richmond

Friday 6:30 to 8:30 PM


Neal Marshall Center Great Hall


Awards Banquet


Dinner with awards ceremony and conference announcements


Saturday 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM



WEB 1004

The Specter of Downward Mobility


Moderator: Sara Callahan

Carolyn Barnes; Duke University

“Making Ends Meet: How the Working Poor Navigate the Social Safety Net”


Allison Hurst; Oregon State University

“Tracking the Downwardly Mobile in the GSS, 1968-2012”


Betsy Leondar-Wright;

Lasall College



Jessi Streib; Duke University

“Falling Into the Working Class: Downward Mobility in the New Gilded Age”


WEB 1006

Class on Campus: The Faculty Experience


Moderator: Courtney Maloney

Ray Mazurek; Penn State University-Berks

“Class Conflict and the University Workplace: Implications for Working-Class Studies”


Lynn Arner;

Brock University

“Pedigree and Hiring Patterns in the Professoriate”


Charles Cunningham; Eastern Michigan University

“Revolution on a Small Scale: Democratizing a Faculty Union”



WEB 1230

Textual Constructions of Race and Class


Moderator: Rebekah Sheldon

Scott Henkel; University of Wyoming

“The Black Worker and the Class Struggle: Possible Futures in Black Reconstruction”


Marc DiPaolo; Southwestern Oklahoma State University

“Oscar Wilde’s ‘Soul of Man under Socialism’ (1891) and Suzanne Collins’ ‘Hunger Games’ (2008) as Subversive Roman Catholic Fiction”


Jeremy Baker; University of New Mexico

“The Prophet of False Consciousness: A Study of Chick Tracts”


Closing Plenary


Saturday 10:30 AM to 12:00 Noon


Wright Ed. Build


Kim Moody; Founding editor, Labor Notes

“The State of the American Labor Movement”

Saturday 12:15 to 1:30 PM

Lunch on your own

1:45 PM to 3:15 PM



WEB 1002


Work Decline, Loss, and Change: Exploring Working Class Deindustrialization in the ‘Garden of England’ Part II


Moderator: Tim Strangelman

Luke Shoveller; University of Kent

“De-industrial Representation in the Garden of England: Imagery, Imagination, and Heritage in the Kent Coalfield”


Sophie Rowland; University of Kent

“Still Living and Breathing Coal: Negotiating the Legacy of Occupational Injury and Disease through the De-industrial Body”


Paul Cook; University of Kent

De-industrial Dover: The Specifically Gendered Experience of De-industrialization in Dover, Kent”


WEB 1004

Moving the WCSA Forward: Action Gathering Two

Hosted by Colby King, Tim Strangleman, Terry Easton, Courtney Maloney and Katherine Kidd



WEB 1006

Constructing Ideologies


Moderator: Emma Young

Jeff Torlina; Utah Valley University

“Divide and Conquer: Creating Dissention in the US Working Class”


Benjamin Nestor; Marquette University

“Leftist Ideology in Transition: Contemporary Issues and the Cold War”


Michael Pulido; Marquette University

“The Modern Script: Forms of Working Class Organization”


WEB 1230

Making Class Visible


Moderator: Lisa McKenzie

Courtney Maloney; Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

“Photography and Solidarity: Race, Class, and Representation in Milwaukee”


Deidre O’Neill; Inside Film Project

“Film as a Radical Pedagogic Tool”


Sean McPherson; Bridgewater State University

“Working Artists: Class and Visual Culture”


3:30 PM to 5:00 PM


WEB 1002



Socialism and Other Revolutions of the 20th Century


Moderator: Scott Henkel

Scott Henkel; University of Wyoming



Na’eemah Webb; Purdue University

“Abolishing Prison Nation”


Ben Balthaser; Indiana University South Bend

The Other Revolution: Haiti and the Aesthetics of Working Class Modernism, 1930-1941”


Wesley Bishop; Purdue University

“Socialism and ‘Other’ Revolutions of the 20th Century.”



WEB 1004


The Poetry of Class and Struggle

Jessica Femiani; SUNY Binghamton


Willy Palomo; Indiana University


Jeanetta Calhoun Mish;

Oklahoma Poet Laureate


WEB 1006

Workers and the Fight for Justice Today



Moderator: Marquita Walker

Lia Haro; Australian Catholic University

“Revolutionary sanctuary and the new class struggle”


Kirsi Anselmi-Stith; Harvard College



Shuxi Yin; Peking University

“Collective Representation of Taxi Drivers: Case of Hangzhou City, China”


Gustavo Berrizbeitia; Northwestern University

“Three States' Experiences with Fight for $15”


Berkay Aydin; Uludag University

“Steel Workers and Organizing in Turkey”


WEB 1230

Literatures of Class


Moderator: Terry Easton

Clare Callahan; University of Texas at Austin

“Specters of Debt: The Foreclosing of the Frontier in Willa Cather's O Pioneers!”


Barbara Jensen;

Independent Scholar, Past President, WCSA

“How I Broke My Hand and Found My Heart in Mexico”​


Eric Kaufman; Ohio State University

“Do We Know It When We See It?

Defining Working Class Culture in the Arts”


Tamara Cashour; New School University


Saturday 5:30 PM

WEB Lobby


WCS ’17 Participants



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