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IUScholarWorks Repository License and Permission Form for Mediated Submissions

Use this form to grant permission to someone else to submit your material and to accept the IUScholarWorks Repository license. Authors/rights holders who submit their own works to the Repository do not need to use this form, as they will accept the IUScholarWorks license during submission.

Authors/copyright holders who submit materials to the IUScholarWorks Repository must agree to the IUScholarWorks license. This limited, non-exclusive license confirms that you have the rights to deposit these works into IUScholarWorks. It gives Indiana University permission to post them openly on the Web and to take the necessary steps to preserve them. Once granted, this permission is non-revocable; you cannot rescind your permission for Indiana University to distribute and preserve these works.

Under this agreement between you and Indiana University, you retain all rights you had to these items before they were deposited, such as making copies available on other web sites or publishing them in the same form or in a revised form, without obtaining permission from Indiana University. NOTE: Depositing your work into the IUScholarWorks Repository may limit your ability to subsequently publish it. Authors who may want to submit their work for subsequent publication are advised to check publishers' pre-publication requirements.

By default, all items in the Repository are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved for the copyright holder. As an alternative to reserving all rights, you are encouraged to consider licensing your work under a Creative Commons License, under which you can preserve rights important to you (e.g., proper attribution,) and at the same time explicitly grant certain rights that you choose to readers (e.g., copy, distribute, display, or perform the work.) Documents in the IUScholarWorks Repository that are licensed under Creative Commons licenses will display the license conditions with the item.

Give your permission using this web form

Instructions will be sent to the author/copyright holder at the email address provided below.

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Title of Next Work (Optional)
Title of Next Work (Optional)
Name of Author/Copyright Holder of the Work(s)
Email of Author/Copyright Holder of the Work(s)
Name of Submitter
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Give your permission using a printed form

If you prefer to use a printed from, please retrieve the PDF version of the IUScholarWorks License and Permission Form for Mediated Submissions, fill in the information, sign it and return it to the submitter.