Vol 8, No 1 (2013)

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Editor's Note

Stepping Back and Leaping Forward PDF
Daniel E. O'Sullivan 1-5

Editing Options

Mobile Texts and Local Options: Geography and Editing PDF
H. Wayne Storey 6-22
The Stuff of Fiction: Digital Editing, Multiple Drafts and the Extended Mind PDF
Dirk Van Hulle 23-37

Crossed Codes: Print's Dream of the Digital Age, Digital's Memory of the Age of Print, Curated by Marta Werner

Chance Operations and Randomizers in Avant-garde and Electronic Poetry: Tying Media to Language PDF
Jonathan Baillehache 38-56
“Every Man His Own Publisher”: Extra-Illustration and the Dream of the Universal Library PDF
Gabrielle Dean 57-71
Bibliocircuitry and the Design of the Alien Everyday PDF
Charity Hancock, Clifford Hichar, Carlea Holl-Jensen, Kari Kraus, Cameron Mozafari, Kathryn Skutlin 72-100
Mirror World, Minus World: Glitching Nabokov’s Pale Fire PDF
Andrew Ferguson 101-116

Book Reviews, Edited by Heather Allen

Rabasa, José. 2012. Tell Me the Story of How I Conquered You: Elsewheres and Ethnosuicide in the Colonial Mesoamerican World. PDF
Martín Vega 117-119
Dubin, Nathaniel E., trans. 2013. The Fabliaux: A New Verse Translation PDF
Larissa Tracy 119-121
Manguel, Alberto. 2013. The Traveler, the Tower, and The Worm: The Reader as Metaphor. PDF
Amy Chen 121-123

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Notes on Contributors PDF
The Society for Textual Scholarship PDF

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Complete Issue (Spring 2013) PDF