Vol 3, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents

Introductory Essay

Introductory Essay ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Bradley A.U. Levinson 121-124


Student Leadership Opportunities for Making ‘Peace’ in Canada’s Urban Schools: Contradictions in Practice ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Kathy Bickmore, Angela MacDonald 125-152
The Blending of Place and Voice in Ecomuseums: Educating Communities and Visitors in the New Museum ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Lesley Graybeal 153-170
Education for Democratic Life Through Social Participation: Points of Encounter between Schools and Families ESP PDF (Español) ENG PDF
Úrsula Zurita 171-194
Intercultural Dialogue: Discourse and Realities of Indigenous and Mestizos in Ecuador and Guatemala ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Magdalena Herdoíza-Estévez, Sonia Lenk 195-223
Towards a Deliberative and Democratic Model of International Cooperation in Education in Latin America ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Jorge Baxter 224-254

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