Vol 3, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents

Introductory Essay

Editorial Introduction: The Role of Assessment in Educating Democratic Citizens ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Bradley A.U. Levinson 1-4


Citizens Not Research Subjects: Toward a More Democratic Civic Education Inquiry Methodology ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Terrence C. Mason, Ginette Delandshere 5-26
The Pull of PISA: Uncertainty, Influence, and Ignorance ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Sharon Murphy 27-44
A Human Rights Education Project Indicator for NGOs and International Organizations ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
David Lempert 45-72
The Foundation for Democracy: Promoting Social, Emotional, Ethical, Cognitive Skills and Dispositions in K-12 Schools ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Jonathan Cohen, Terry Pickeral, Peter Levine 73-94
The Role of Human Rights Education in the Formation of an Active Citizenry ESP PDF
Aida Maria Monteiro Silva, Celma Tavares 95-107
The Revised Democratic Threshold Principle and the Distribution of Educational Resources ENG PDF ESP PDF (Español)
Ryan Cox 108-120

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