Plath Essays; Teaching Plath; Plath Art; Plath Photos

Vol 5 (2012)

Supplement - Fall 2012

Table of Contents

Front Matter PDF


Contributors PDF
William K. Buckley 1-5
Editor's Note PDF
William K. Buckley 6-7


"The books I carry wedge into my side": A British teenager discovers Sylvia Plath PDF
Catherine Morgan 8-11
Excerpt from the 2007 Foreword to Chapters in a Mythology PDF
Judith Kroll 12-14
Discovering Sylvia Plath PDF
Steven Gould Axelrod 15-17
Dark Waters: Reading Sylvia Plath PDF
Christine Walde 18-22
The vase, reconstructed, houses the elusive roseā€¦ PDF
Elena Ciobanu 23-29
Sylvia and I: My Love Affair with Sylvia Plath PDF
Peter Cooley 30-39
"Empty Benches of Memory": Sylvia Plath, A Sketch PDF
Azadeh Feridounpour 40-47
An Oracle in Ariel PDF
Cathleen Allyn Conway 48-50
"Lady Lazarus" and Lady Chatterley PDF
W. K. Buckley 51-59
We Should Meet in Another Life, we Should Meet in Air, me and you PDF
Anonymous Anonymous 60-61
Ariel was the first book I ever stole PDF
Anne Gorrick 62-70
Heptonstall Cemetery: A Memoir, A Tribute, A Defense, and A Eulogy PDF
Diann Blakely 71-82
A Memoir with Sylvia PDF
Susan Banks 83-87
I - A Feather for My Shelf PDF
George Fitzgerald 89-105
Sylvia Plath and I PDF
Linda Gates 106-108
The Beautiful Mundane: Plath's Object Transformations PDF
Tisha Nemeth-Loomis 109-112
"Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Poet in the Oven": A History of the Sylvia Plath Bake-Off PDF
Cheryl A. Rice 113-117
Living In the Mind of a Perfectionist: A Plath-ological Memoir PDF
Catherine Tobin 118-124
Recollections of Mrs. Hughes's Student PDF
Ellen Bartlett Nodelman, Amanda Golden 125-139


Finding Plath's Voice PDF
Melissa Adamo 140-148
"Panic" over Puddle Jumping in Plath's "Mothers" PDF
Jaime Jost 149-155
Metonymic Space: A Different Figurative Possibility in Sylvia Plath's Poetry PDF
Shu-ching Wu 156-181


Two Poems PDF
Kathleen Aponick 182-184
92 Johnson Avenue, 1985 PDF
Diann Blakely 185
No Songs, No Packages PDF
Cheryl A. Rice 186
Sylvia Plath Slept Here PDF
Dan Wilcox 187

A Late Memoir

We Are One PDF
Jennifer Thompson 188-192


American Isis: The Life and Art of Sylvia Plath PDF
Carl Rollyson 88