Vol 8, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Online Museum: A "Placeless" Space of the "Civic Laboratory" PDF
Natalia Grincheva 1-21
The Sacred Gift: Donations from Private Collectors to Public Museums PDF
Paul van der Grijp 22-44


Only the Voice of the Other: Science, Power, and Diversity’s Revolt in the Museum—A Manifesto of Sorts PDF
W. Warner Wood 45-54

Review Essays

Pacific Hall: The Bishop Museum’s Renovation of a Permanent Exhibit PDF
Alex Golub 55-59

Exhibition Reviews

Hopituy: Hopi Art from the Permanent Collections PDF
Daniel C. Swan 60-63

Book Reviews

Les musées d’ethnologie: culture, politique et changement institutionnel (Mazé, Poulard, and Ventura, eds.) PDF
Sally Price 64-66
Digital Ethnography: Anthropology, Narrative, and New Media (Underberg and Zorn) PDF
Matthew D. Thompson 67-70
Embroiderers of Ninhue: Stitching Chilean Rural Life (Benavente) PDF
Joseph P. Feldman 71-73
Arapaho Journeys (Wiles) PDF
Jeffrey D. Anderson 74-76
First Peoples of Canada: Masterworks from the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Pilon and Prince, eds.) PDF
Brooke Penaloza Patzak 77-79
Museums and Communities: Curators, Collections and Collaboration (Golding and Modest, eds.) PDF
C. Kurt Dewhurst 80-82
The English Breakfast: The Biography of a National Meal with Recipes (O’Connor) PDF
Maria Kennedy 83-85
Museums: A Visual Anthropology (Bouquet) PDF
Adrian Van Allen 86-88
Basketry: Making Human Nature (Heslop, ed.) PDF
Jason Baird Jackson 89-90

Books Briefly Noted

Current Studies of Food and Foodways PDF
Danille Elise Christensen 91-95
Books Briefly Noted PDF

Books and Media Received

Books and Media Received PDF