Vol 2, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Currency of Consultation and Collaboration PDF
Ann McMullen 54-87
Ncome–Monument and Museum as “Critical Response” PDF
Sabine Marschall 88-114

Book Reviews

Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece (Connelly) PDF
Tyler Jo Smith 115-117
Village of Painters: Narrative Scrolls from West Bengal (Korom) PDF
Pravina Shukla 118-119
Collecting the Weaver’s Art: The William Claflin Collection of Southwestern Textiles (Webster) and Weaving Is Life: Navajo Weaving from the Edwin L. and Ruth E. Kennedy Southwest Native American Collection (McLerran, ed) PDF
Maureen T. Schwarz 120-123
Gee’s Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt (Arnett, Cubbs, and Metcalf, eds) PDF
Teri Klassen 124-126
Playing Ourselves: Interpreting Native Histories at Historic Reconstructions (Peers) PDF
Rhonda S. Fair 127-128
Traditional Archery from Six Continents: The Charles E. Grayson Collection (Grayson, French, and O’Brien) PDF
Alison Petch 129-130
They Called Me Mayer July: Painted Memories of a Jewish Childhood in Poland Before the Holocaust (Kirshenblatt and Kirshenblatt-Gimblett) PDF
Jeffrey Veidlinger 131-133

Media Reviews

The Whale Hunt (Harris) PDF
Kate Hennessy 134-135

Books and Media Received

Books and Media Received PDF