Vol 6, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

From the Archive

Safeguarding the Intangible PDF
Michael F. Brown 93-97
Tangible Progress: A Response to “Safeguarding the Intangible” by Michael F. Brown PDF
Richard Kurin 98-101

Review Essays

Mastering Colonial Disorder PDF
P. Kerim Friedman 102-105

Book Reviews

Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles (Kahlenberg and Barnes, eds.) PDF
Jennifer Santos Esperanza 106-107
Cultural Heritage Management: A Global Perspective (Messenger and Smith, eds.) PDF
Jessica Zimmer 108-110
Contemporary African Fashion (Gott and Loughran, eds.) PDF
Catherine P. Bishop 111-113
Peace Medals: Negotiating Power in Early America (Pickering, ed.) PDF
Raymond J. DeMallie 114-115

Books and Media Received

Books and Media Received PDF