Vol 4, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Acadian Memorial As Civic Laboratory: Whiteness, History, and Governmentality in a Louisiana Commemorative Site PDF HTML
Marc David 1-47

Letters to the Editor

Response to Aaron Glass’ 2009 Review Essay on The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art PDF HTML
Martine J. Reid 48-53
Response to Aaron Glass’ 2009 Review Essay on The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art PDF HTML
Mike Robinson 54-55


De la race a l’esthétique en passant par la culture: Trajets muséographiques de l’ethnologie française PDF HTML
Christian Bromberger 56-62
From Race To Culture To Esthetics: A Museographic Journey into French Ethnology PDF HTML
Christian Bromberger 63-69

Review Essays

Making Mannequins Mean: Native American Representations, Postcolonial Politics, and the Limits of Semiotic Analysis PDF HTML
Aaron Glass 70-84

Media Reviews

A Century of Color: Maya Weaving and Textiles [DVD] (Vitale and Vitale) and Splendor in the Highlands: Maya Weavers of Guatemala [DVD] (Vitale and Vitale) PDF HTML
Walter E. Little 85-87
Manuela and Esperanza: The Art of Maya Weaving [DVD] (Vitale and Vitale) PDF HTML
Carol Hendrickson 88-89
National Heritage Fellowships 1982-2007 DVD-ROM (National Endowment for the Arts) PDF HTML
Thomas Grant Richardson 90-91

Exhibition Reviews

When Japan’s Tea Ceremony Artisans Meet Minpaku’s Collections: Creative Art in Perspective PDF HTML
Claire Cuccio 92-93
Amamonzeki jiin no sekai: miko-tachi no shinkō to gosho bunka [Amamonzeki – A Hidden Heritage: Treasures of the Japanese Imperial Convents] PDF HTML
Claire Cuccio 94-96

Book Reviews

S’abadeb—The Gifts: Pacific Coast Salish Art and Artists (Brotherton, ed.) PDF HTML
Aldona Jonaitis 97-99
Engraving the Savage: The New World and Techniques of Civilization (Gaudio) PDF HTML
Stephanie Pratt 100-101
Material Histories: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen, 26-27 April 2007 (Brown, ed.) PDF HTML
Arni Brownstone 102-104
Patterns of Exchange: Navajo Weavers and Traders (Wilkins) PDF HTML
Maureen Trudelle Schwarz 105-106
The Makers and Making of Indigenous Australian Collections (Peterson, Allen, and Hamby, eds.) PDF HTML
Philip Batty 107-109
Timeless Splendour: Treasures from the National Museum of China (Hoe) PDF HTML
Xiaohong Chen 110-111
The Art of Southern Africa: The Terence Pethica Collection (Klopper, Nettleton, and Pethica) PDF HTML
Juliette Leeb-du Toit 112-114
African Costumes and Textiles: From the Berbers to the Zulus (Bouttiaux, Sorber, van Custem, and Mack) PDF HTML
Juliette Leeb-du Toit 115-117
Mediating Knowledges: Origins of a Zuni Tribal Museum (Issac) PDF HTML
Haidy Geismar 118-120
Artistry of the Everyday: Beauty and Craftsmanship in Berber Art (Bernasek) PDF HTML
Myriem Naji 121-123
Shivers Down Your Spine: Cinema, Museums, and the Immersive View (Griffiths) PDF HTML
Randolph Lewis 124-126
Margaret Mead: The Making of an American Icon (Lutkehaus) PDF HTML
Howard Brick 127-129
The Imperial Museums of Meiji Japan: Architecture and the Art of the Nation (Tseng) PDF HTML
Claire Cuccio 130-132
Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian (Sims, ed.) PDF HTML
Laura E. Smith 133-136
Makishi: Mask Characters of Zambia (Jordán) PDF HTML
Sónia Silva 137-138

Books and Media Received

Books and Media Received PDF HTML