Vol 1, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents


William C. Sturtevant (1926-2007) HTML PDF
Jason Baird Jackson 1-4

Review Essays

Review Essay: The Museum of the Battle of Ideas, Cardenas, Cuba HTML PDF Untitled () HTML ()
Michelle Tisdel Flikke 5-22
Review Essay: Surveying the Pottery Styles of Zia and Santa Ana Pueblos HTML PDF
Karen M. Duffy 23-26

Digital Exhibition Reviews

Dane-zaa Moose Hunt: Hadaa ka naadzet HTML PDF
Patrick Moore 27-28

Exhibition Reviews

The Museum of Chinese in the Americas. New York, NY HTML PDF
Gabrielle Berlinger 29-32
I Do: The Marriage of Fashion and Art HTML PDF
Carrie Hertz 33-34

Book Reviews

Native American Voices on Identity, Art and Culture: Objects of Everlasting Esteem (Williams, Wierzbowski, and Purcel, eds) HTML PDF
Jason Baird Jackson 35-37
The Cord Keepers: Khipus and Cultural Life in a Peruvian Village (Salomon) HTML PDF
John H. McDowell 38-40
Practicing Ethnohistory: Mining Archives, Hearing Testimony, Constructing Narrative (Patricia Galloway) HTML PDF
Joshua Piker 41-42
Fashioning Tradition: Maya Huipiles in the Field Museum Collections (Odland) HTML PDF
Carol Hendrickson 43-44
Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Native Peoples and Archaeology in the Northeastern United States (Kerber, ed) HTML PDF
Ann McMullen 45-46
Olmec Art and Archaeology in Mesoamerica (Clark and Pye, eds) HTML PDF
Jenna Wallace Coplin 47-49
Art Under Control in North Korea (Portal) HTML PDF
Ken Vos 50-52
Icons Ngā Taonga from the Collections of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and Treasures from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa HTML PDF
Moira Smith 53-54
Mana Tuturu: Maori Treasures and Intellectual Property Rights (Barclay) HTML PDF
David Delgado Shorter 55-57
Landscapes in India: Forms and Meanings (Sinha) HTML PDF
Catherine B. Asher 58-59
The Art of Ethnography: A Chinese “Miao Album” (Deal and Hostetler, trans) HTML PDF
Jiang Lu 60-61
The Antiquities Act: A Century of American Archaeology, Historic Preservation, and Nature Conservation (Harmon, McManamon, and Pitcaithley, eds) HTML PDF
Linda S. Cordell 62-64
Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and the Antiquities Trade (Brodie, Kersel, Luke, and Tubb, eds) HTML PDF
Helaine Silverman 65-67
Peoples of the Plateau: The Indian Photographs of Lee Moorhouse, 1898-1915 (Grafe) HTML PDF
Joann Scherer 68-70
Markets and Cultural Voices: Liberty vs. Power in the Lives of Mexican Amate Painters (Cowen) HTML PDF
Alan R. Sandstrom 71-72
Classic Hopi and Zuni Kachina Figures (Wright) HTML PDF
Dorothy Washburn, Emory Sekaquaptewa 73-75
Transforming Museums: Mounting Queen Victoria in a Democratic South Africa (Dubin) HTML PDF
C. Kurt Dewhurst 76-78
Yearbook of Cultural Property Law 2006 (Hutt and Tarler, eds) HTML PDF
Michael F. Brown 79-81