Vol 4, No 2 (2013)

Special Issue: Designs for Learning Spaces

Table of Contents

Introduction to Designs for Learning Spaces PDF EPUB
Jill B. Pable

Invited Feature Articles

K-12 Campus, LA-style: The Campbell Hall Arts & Education Center PDF EPUB
Charrisse Johnston
Stars vs. Clouds: Creating a Collaborative Commons Learning Space PDF EPUB
Jim Dawkins, Valerie J. Shute
The Story of Verb™: Innovative Design Fit for Education’s 21st Century Learning Needs PDF EPUB
Lennie Scott-Webber
Planning to Learn: The Role of Interior Design in Educational Settings PDF EPUB
Migette L. Kaup, Hyung-Chan Kim, Michael Dudek


Stories in the Rock: A Design Case of an Explorable Image Viewer in a Natural History Museum PDF EPUB
Marti Louw, Ahmed Ansari, Chris Bartley, Camellia Sanford
Designing for Virtual Learning Spaces: A Second Life Example PDF EPUB
Lindsay Tan, Lisa K. Waxman
A Design Case Examining Learning in the d-lab PDF EPUB
Katharine E. Leigh, Kenneth Tremblay, Nancy Miller, Amy Huber, Laura Malinin, Derrell Jackson
Ty Gwyn: Documenting the Design of a Special School in Wales PDF EPUB
Julie E. N. Irish