No 8 (1967)

Studies in the Bobbs-Merrill Papers

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Edwin H. Cady 1-6
An Office Boy Remembers 1902 PDF
Stith Thompson 7-9
"Like the Brand Whitlock We Once Knew? Hell, No." PDF
Joyce Chenoweth 10-22
Emerson Hough: "Merry Christmas. Sued You Today." PDF
John H. Miller 23-35
Meredith Nicholson: The Quest for a Literary Ideal PDF
Judith Leas Everson 36-44
"The Salamander": Fiction and Fashion PDF
Barry Novick 45-56
Episodes in the Publishing of Talbot Mundy's "The Ivory Trail" PDF
Louis E. Lambert 57-62
Herbert Quick: Art and Iowa PDF
P. L. Reed 63-75
Super-Sellers: Barton, Erskine, Hallburton PDF
Marsha Stephens 76-90
Charlie Chan: The Making of an Immortal PDF
Neil Ellman 91-99
David Laurance Chambers As I Knew Him PDF
Thomas D. Clark 100-106
The Virgin Archive PDF
Robert W. Mitchner 107-116

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Studies in the Bobbs-Merrill Papers PDF