Vol 1, No 3 (2007)

The Interaction of Practice and Theory

Table of Contents


Artifact: The Interaction of Practice and Theory PDF
Susan M. Hagan, Erik Stolterman 131-133


A Practitioner’s View of Human–Computer Interaction Research and Practice PDF
Sabine Geldof, Joannes Vandermeulen 134-141
Making Sense of Design Research: The Search for a Database PDF
Meredith Davis, Matthew Peterson, Kelly Cunningham, Steven Harjula 142-148
Learning to Love Software: A Bridge Between Theory and Practice PDF
Ellen Lupton 149-158
Theoretical Design Science in Human–Computer Interaction: A Practical Concern? PDF
Steven R. Haynes, John M. Carroll 159-171
Show and Tell: Accessing and Communicating Implicit Knowledge Through Artefacts PDF
Yoko Akama, Roslyn Cooper, Laurene Vaughan, Stephen Viller, Matthew Simpson, Jeremy Yuille 172-181
Do and Think and Play and Show and Tell: Artefacts All the Time PDF
Marc Rettig 182-189
Theory Meets Practice in the Design of E-Support for Junior Registrar Doctors PDF
Anne Marie Kanstrup, Niels Boye 190-197
The Tenuous Relationship Between Design and Innovation PDF
Jon Kolko 198-203