Vol 1, No 1 (2007)

What Is an Artifact?

Table of Contents


The Computer and Design PDF
Charlie Breindahl, Ida Engholm, Judith Gregory, Erik Stolterman 1-1


Object Artifacts, Image Artifacts and Conceptual Artifacts: Beyond the Object Into the Event PDF
Owen F. Smith 2-5
Behavioral Artifacts: What is an Artifact? Or Who Does it? PDF
Ken Friedman 6-10
In Search of a Unit of Analysis for Designing Instruments PDF
Pascal Béguin 11-16
An Exploration of Artificiality PDF
Klaus Krippendorff 17-22
The Imagined And The Concrete: What is an Artifact? PDF
Susan M. Hagan 23-25
Left to Our Own Devices PDF
Johan Redström 26-29
Friendly Alien: Object and Interface PDF
Lev Manovich 30-32
What is an artifact? PDF
John Chris Jones 33-35
Man-Made Answers to Man-Felt Needs PDF
Per Mollerup 36-39
Translations: Artifacts from an Actor-Network Perspective PDF
John Shiga 40-55


The Semantic Turn: A New Foundation for Design PDF
Pelle Ehn 56-59
Wayshowing – A Guide to Environmental Signage: Principles and Practices PDF
Johan Redström 60-63