Vol 23, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-3
Editors' Introduction: The Radiant Future PDF
Krista Harper, Julie Hemment 4-6

Special Issue Section

Guest Editor's Notes PDF
Sára Kaiser 7-10
"What Was Socialism About?: The Politics of Remembering and Representing the Communist Past PDF
Zhanara Nauruzbayeva 11-21
"These So-Called West Times": The Politics of Talking about the Here and Now in Contemporary East Berlin PDF
Deanna Davidson 22-25
After Post-Socialism? Transition's Obscured Inevitability PDF
Thomas Chivens 26-29
The "Voices" of the Romanian Integration into EU: Land and Environmental Practice in a Village from Dobrudja PDF
Stefan Dorndel 30-40
Women Professionals in the "Marketplace" in Post-Socialist Ukraine: Socialist-Post-Socialist Continuum in Gender Categories PDF
Maryna Bazylevych 41-46
Social Continuity in a Western-Hungarian Village PDF
Márton Kemény 47-51

Open Forum Section

Gypsiness and Gender in the Hungarian Folkdance Revival PDF
Lynn Hooker 52-62
Examining "Eastern" Aid: Muslim Minorities and Islamic Foundations in Bulgaria PDF
Kristen Ghodsee 63-71
The Place(s) of Moldovanka in the Making of Odessa PDF
Tanya Richardson 72-89
"Oh, You Use 098, You Must Be from Hercegovina?" Communicating Identity in Everyday Consumer Rituals in Croatia PDF
Katherine Sredl 90-93
Production of Moralities and the Politics of Normal: AIDs Discourses and Practices in Poland PDF
Jill Owczarzak 94-99


Conference: Anthropology of Professions in Russia: New and Traditional Occupations in Changing Russia: Social Anthropological Approach
Pavel Romanov 100


Ethnography of Eastern Europe PDF
Krista Harper 101-104
Gender and Post-Socialist Transformations PDF
Julie Hemment 105-109

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