Vol 29, No 1 (2011)

Health and Care Work in Postsocialist Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

With guest editors Maryna Y. Bazylevych and Ema Hresanova

Table of Contents

Introduction: Health and Care Work in Postsocialist Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. PDF
Maryna Y. Bazylevych, Ema Hresanova 1-7


Health, Gender, and Care Work: Productive Sites for Thinking Anthropologically about the Aftermaths of Socialism PDF
Michele Rivkin-Fish 8-15
The Privatization of the Georgian Healthcare System PDF
Kate Schecter 16-22
A Woman Among Addicts: The Production and Management of Identities in a Ukrainian Harm Reduction Program PDF
Jennifer Carroll 23-34
Neoliberal Transitions in Ukraine: The View from Psychiatry PDF
Shelly Yankovsky 35-49
Humanising Healthcare: Volunteered caring and the free gift in Czech hospitals PDF
Rosie Read 50-59
Population Prescriptions: (Sanitary) Culture and Biomedical Authority in Contemporary Russia PDF
Inna Leykin 60-81
Professionalism and Medical Work in a Post-Soviet Society: Between Four Logics PDF
Elianne Riska, Aurelija Novelskaite 82-93
Producing Transnational Nurses: Agency and subjectivity in global health care labor migration recruitment practices PDF
Heidi Bludau 94-108
Lucid dreaming: Revisiting medical pluralism in postsocialist Bosnia PDF
Larisa Jasarevic 109-126
Attitudes and Praxis of Traditional Forms of Health Care in a Post-Communist Romanian Romani Community PDF
Dorian Singh 127-140


The Spectacular State. Culture and National Identity in Uzbekistan (Laura Adams) PDF
Nathan Light 141-144
The Russia Reader: History, Culture, Politics (Adele Barker and Bruce Grant Eds.) PDF
Stephen M. Norris 145-146
Food and Everyday Life in the Post-Socialist World (Melissa L. Caldwell Ed.) PDF
Marisa Wilson 147-149
The Patriotism of Despair: Nation, War, and Loss in Russia (Serguei Alex. Oushakine) PDF
Maria Sidorkina 150-152
Post-Communist Nostalgia (Maria Todorova and Zsuzsa Gille Eds.) PDF
Gediminas Lankauskas 153-154

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