Vol 9, No 2 (1990)

Table of Contents

Editors' Notes PDF
Sam Beck, David A. Kideckel 1-2


Nationality Policy in the USSR and in Bulgaria: Some Observations PDF
Ali Eminov 3-17
The Bases of Bulgaria’s Ethnic Policies PDF
Gerald W. Creed 18-26
Education in Eastern Europe: The New Conservative Wave PDF
Tomas Kozma 27-46
Voluntary Associations and Ethnic Survival among the Saxons of Transylvania PDF
Glynn Custred 47-55

Open Forum Section

Anthropology in the German Democratic Republic: A Personal Odessey PDF
Hans A. Baer 56-61
The First Letter from the Field PDF
Jan Kubik 62-65


Marylin Rueschemeyer and Christiane Lemke. eds. The Quality of Life in the German Democratic Republic: Changes and Development in a State Socialist Society. PDF
Hermine G. DeSoto 66-68
Bob Arnot. Controlling Soviet Labour: Experimental Change from Brezhney to Gorbachev. PDF
David Hakken 69-73
Ronald Wixman. The Peoples of the U.S.S.R.: An Ethnographic Handbook. PDF
G. James Patterson 74-75
Viktor Kozlov. 1988. The Peoples of the Soviet Union. A translation of Natsional 'nostri SSSR. PDF
Walter J. Komorowski 76-78
Tyrnauer, Gabrielle. 1989. Gypsies and the Holocaust: A Bibliography and Introductory Essay. PDF
Sam Beck 79-84
Four Documentary Films on Poland PDF
Jan Kubik 85-88
Budapest Journal: National Film Festival 1990 PDF
Catherine Portuges 89-92
The Halperns in Orasac PDF
Andrei Simić 93-94

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