Vol 10, No 1 (1991)

Table of Contents

Editors' Notes PDF
Sam Beck, David A. Kideckel, Laszlo Kürti 1-5


Interests and Politics in Post-Communist Society: Problems in the Transition in Eastern Europe PDF
David Ost 6-16
The Social Impact of Agrarian Land Reform. Social and Political Conflicts in the Post Communist Transformation of Hungarian Agriculture PDF
Balazs Szelenyi, Ivan Szelenyi 17-34
From Solo Research to Collaborative European Studies PDF
Linda A. Bennett 35-40
Ethnicity and Nationalism in Contemporary Czechoslovakia PDF
Zdenek Salzmann 41-47

Open Forum Section

"Has Nothing Changed? Perceptions of Post-Ceausescu Romania" PDF
Joel Marrant 48-53
Rituals of Transformation, Establishing Time Boundaries for the End of Socialism: The Case of Bulgaria PDF
Joel Martin Halpern 54-65
Briefing on the Current Conditions for Human Rights in Romania Congressional Human Rights Caucusmania Congessional PDF
Laszlo Kürti 66-72


Rememberances of (Socialist) Things Past: Collectivization and Industrialization before the Great Purges PDF
David A. Kideckel 73-75
After the Wall Came Down PDF
Laszlo Kürti 76-83
Book Review: Soviet Society Today. Michael Rywkin, Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 1989. xii + 242 pp. PDF
Nancy Ries 84-86
Politics as Development: The Emergence of Political Parties in Nineteenth Century Serbia Gale Stokes, Politics as Development, 1990, Duke University Press, xi-c + 400 pp. PDF
Maria B. Olujic 87-89

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