Vol 16, No 1 (1998)

Table of Contents

Editor's Notes PDF
Robert Rotenberg 1


Informal Relations and Institutional Change: How Eastern European Cliques and States Mutually Respond PDF
Janine R. Wedel 2-17
Whose City is Moscow Today? PDF
Anatoly M. Khazanov 18-35
Re-Imagining Russian Nuclear Weapons Scientists PDF
Hugh Gusterson 36-42
Colonization or Liberation: The Paradox of NGOs in Postsocialist States PDF
Julie Hemment 43-58
"Sworn Virgins": Cases of Socially Accepted Gender Change PDF
Antonia Young 59-75
Prospects for Transnational Civil Society Following the Arrival of the European Union in a Contested Borderland PDF
Robert Gary Minnich 76-88
Historical Myth and the Invention of Political Folklore in Contemporary Serbia PDF
Karl Kaser, Joel M. Halpern 89-107
Practice and Discourse about Practice: Returning Home to the Croatian Danube Basin PDF
Maja Povrzanovic 108-119
The Topsy Turvy Days Were There Again: Student and Civil Protest in Belgrade and Serbia, 1996/1997 PDF
Mirjana Prosic-Dvornic 120-151
The Young and a Society: An Example from Zagreb PDF
Sanja Kalapos 152-167


Book Review: Laszlo Kurti and Juliet Langman (eds.): Beyond Borders. Remaking Cultural Identities In the New East and Central Europe. Westview Press, 1997, 160 Pp. PDF
Alexandra Bitusikova 168-171

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