Vol 16, No 2 (1998)

Special Issue: Out of the Ruins: Cultural Negotiations in the Soviet Aftermath

Co-Edited by Nancy Ries & Cathy Warner

Table of Contents

Editor's Notes PDF
Robert Rotenberg 1-2

Special Issue Section

Out of the Ruins: Cultural Negotiations in the Soviet Aftermath PDF
Cathy Wanner 3-9
Televisions and Computers: Giving New Names to Old Tools in the Political Economy of Central Kamchatka PDF
Nelson Hancock 10-17
Drink and Leisure: The Semiotic Significance of Two New Enterprises on a Former Collective Farm in Estonia PDF
Sigrid Rausing 18-28
Pepsi, Pensioners, and Peter the Great: Performing Temporality in Russia PDF
Melissa L. Caldwell 29-41
The Bukharan Jews in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan: A Case of Fractured Identity PDF
Alanna E. Cooper 42-54
New Legends in the Rebirth of Khakass Shamanic Culture PDF
Kira Van Deusen 55-61
Lost Locale, Return and Healing in Kalmykia PDF
Eva Jane Neumann Fridman 62-73
Concerts and Constitutions: Repertoires of Uzbek Nationhood PDF
Mary M. Doi 74-82
The Festival of the Holy Trinity (Troitsa) in Rural Russia: A Case Study in the Topography of Memory PDF
Margaret Paxson 83-93
What is Culture? Schemas and Spectacles in Uzbekistan PDF
Laura L. Adams 94-106
Post-Soviet Art and Culture in Central Asia PDF
Farhad Atai 107-124
Shifting Metropes: Social Order and Chaos on the Moscow Metro PDF
Alaina Lemon 125-138
In the Time of the Lizard: On Indigenous Problems, Post-Colonialism, and Democracy PDF
Petra Rethmann 139-147
We Lost Some Neatness: Mixed Imagery and Russian Incoherence PDF
Dale Pesmen 148-157
The Triad of Post-Socialism, Post-Colonialism, and Postmodernism?: Fragmentary Memoranda from Southern Siberia PDF
Hibi Watanabe 158-168
Double Ruins, Diplomatic Solutions? PDF
Thomas C. Wolfe 169-177
A Balkanist in Daghestan: Annotated Notes from the Field PDF
Victor A. Friedman 178-203

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