Vol 17, No 2 (1999)

Special Issue: Reassessing Peripheries in Post-Communist Studies

With guest editor Katherine R. Metzo and issue editor Nancy Ries.

Table of Contents

Special Issue Section

Reassessing Peripheries in Post-Communist Studies PDF
Katherine R. Metzo 1-3
Land Reform and Land Management in Post-Soviet Georgia PDF
Joseph Salukvadze 4-12
External Capital and Political Structures: The Case of Azerbaijan PDF
Oksan Bayulgen 13-23
Regional Cooperation in Central Asia: Promises and Reality PDF
Martin C. Spechler 24-31
Poverty and Directed Non-Development in Serbia PDF
Tanja Djuric-Kuzmanovic, Dubravka Zarkov 32-40
The School of the Street: Organising Diversity and Training Polytaxis in a (Post-) Soviet Periphery PDF
Jan Koehler 41-55
"Value Village" in my Village: Western Ukrainians and Overseas Kin PDF
Natalia Shostak 56-62
Survival Economy and Core-Periphery Dynamics in the Taimyr Autonomous Region, Russia PDF
John P. Ziker 63-72
Where the Bison still Roam: Wildlife Preservation and Animal Welfare Issues in Poland and Beyond PDF
Tracie L. Wilson 73-80
The Impact of Traditional and Modern Social Institutions on the Formation of National Self-Awareness of the Evenk One of the Native Peoples of the North PDF
Elena Govorina 81-90
Escaping Within: Lost in the Boundaries: A Report from the Field PDF
Eva Jane Neumann Fridman 91-99
Social and Cultural Change in the Mongol-American Community PDF
Ts. Baatar 100-105
Art, Women, and Development in Central Asia: Geography, Nature, and History PDF
Orozgan Mambetalieva 106-109
The Forum of Women's NGOs: Reproductive Health in Kyrgyzstan PDF
Bermet Stakeyeva 110-113
The Rape of Holy Mother Russia and the Hatred of Femininity: The Representation of Women and the Use of Feminine Imagery in the Russian Nationalist Press PDF
Tatiana Suspitsina 114-123
Forming a Philosophy of Cultural Education in Post-Soviet Space: Problems and Perspectives in the Development of Democracy and Education in Kyrgyzstan PDF
Cholpon E. Alieva 124-130
The Internationalization of Higher Education in Kyrgyzstan PDF
Nurgul N. Djanaeva 131-140
Institutions, Culture and the Transition Process: An Alternative Approach to Post-Communist Social Dynamics PDF
Paul Aligica 141-151

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