Vol 11, No 1 & 2 (1993)

Special Issue: War among the Yugoslavs

With guest editor Joel M. Halpern. 

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-3
Editors' Notes PDF
David A. Kideckel, Robert Rotenberg 4-5

Special Issue Section

Introduction PDF
Joel M. Halpern 6-14
The First and Last Yugoslav: Some Thoughts on the Dissolution of a State PDF
Andrei Simić 15-22
Ideological Accommodation and Reconciliation in a Croatian Community PDF
Brian C. Bennett 23-28
Seeing Past the Barricades: Ethnic Intermarriage in Yugoslavia During the Last Three Decades PDF
Nikolai Botev, Richard A. Wagner 29-38
The Yugoslav Labyrinth PDF
E. A. Hammel 39-47
Unmaking Multi-Ethnicity in Yugoslavia: Metamorphosis Observed PDF
Bette Denich 48-60
Bridge on the Sava: Ethnicity in Eastern Croatia, 1981-1991 PDF
Mary Kay Gilliland Olsen 61-71
The Triumph of Chauvinistic Nationalisms in Yugoslavia: Bleak Implications for Anthropology PDF
Robert M. Hayden 73-78
Nationality Categories, National Identification and Identity Formation in "Multinational" Bosnia PDF
Tone R. Bringa 80-89
Reflections on the Violent Death of a Multi-Ethnic State: A Slovene Perspective PDF
Robert Gary Minnich 90-99
Seizing the Past, Forging the Present: Changing Visions of Self and Nation among the Kosova Albanians PDF
Janet Reineck 100-109
Macedonia: A Country in Quotation Marks PDF
Jonathan Schwartz 110-117
Reflections on Croatia, 1960-1992 PDF
Eleanor Despalatovic 118-126
Enough! Student Protest '92: The Youth of Belgrade in Quest of "Another Serbia" PDF
Mirjana Prosic-Dvornic 127-137
Ethnography of a War: Croatia 1991-92 PDF
Maja Povrzanivic 138-148


Book Review: Women and Revolution in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945 by Barbara Jancar-Webster PDF
Eva V. Huseby-Darvas 149-150
Book Review: Rural Change and Development in Albania by Orjan Sjoberg PDF
Peter S. Allen 151
Film Review: Albania as Part of a Disappearing World PDF
Antonia Young 152-153
Film Review: China Diary PDF
Gregory A. Ruf 154-155
Film Review: Kitchen Talk PDF
Corinna Skema Snyder 156-157
Film Review: Island of Outcasts PDF
Amy V. Blue 158-159
Film Review: Black Triangle PDF
David A. Kideckel 160-161

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