Vol 13, No 2 (1995)

Special Issue: Culture and Society in the Former Soviet Union

With guest editor Nancy Ries.

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-2
Editor's Notes PDF
Robert Rotenberg 3

Special Issue Section

Introduction PDF
Nancy Ries 4-6
Educational Practices and the Making of National Identity in Post-Soviet Ukraine PDF
Cathy Wanner 8-17
Building the Blockade: New Truths in Survival Narratives from Leningrad PDF
Jennifer Dickinson 19-23
The KGB Building PDF
Corinna Skema Snyder 24-29
"We Don't Have Capitalism...We Have Kinship": The State, the Family, and the Expression of Armenian Identity PDF
Stephanie Platz 30-33
"What are they Writing about us Blacks?" -- Roma and "Race" in Russia PDF
Alaina Lemon 34-40
The Return of Refugees Viewed through the Prism of Blood Revenge PDF
Paula Garb 41-44
Soviet Body Politics PDF
Petra Rethmann 45-49
Traveling between Continents: The Social Organization of Interethnic Contacts across Bering Strait PDF
Peter P. Schweitzer, Evgeniy Golovko 50-55
Russian "Indianists": A Romance with the Image of the North American Indian PDF
Jennifer Rayport 56-63
Standing Bottles, Washing Deals, and Drinking "For the Soul" in a Siberian City PDF
Dale Pesman 65-74


Review of "In the Soviet House of Culture: A Century of Perestroikas" By Bruce Grant. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1995. 225 pp. PDF
Corinna Snyder 76-77

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