Vol 15, No 1 (1997)

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-2
Editor's Notes PDF
Robert Rotenberg 3


Where Political Meets Women: Creating Local Political Space PDF
Ann Graham, Joanna Regulska 4-12
An Argument at the Monument Stone: Manipulation of Nationalist Linguistic Ideology in Identity Claims by the German Minority in Poland PDF
Elizabeth Vann 13-25
Disconnected Landscapes: Ancient Sites, Travel Guides, and Local Identity in Modem Greece PDF
Susan Buck Sutton 27-35
Reflections of Consistency and Projections of Ease in Russian Teenagers' Life Stories PDF
Fran Markowitz 36-42


Review Article: Minority Cultures in Hungary PDF
László Kürti 43-45
Book Review: Chris Hann’s The Skeleton at the Feast: Contributions to Eastern European Ethnography PDF
Krista Harper 47-48
Course Syllabus: Social Science Modeling of a Complex Industrial System: Anthropology of the Former Soviet Union PDF
David Lempert 49-56
Book Announcement: Daily Life in a Crumbling Empire: The Absorption of Russia into the World Economy PDF
David Lampert 56
Book Announcement: Kirin and Povrzanovic, eds., War, Exile, Everyday Life. Cultural Perspectives PDF
Maja Povrzanivic 57-58
Book Review: Ethnography of European Traditional Cultures: Their Role and Perspectives in a Multicultural World. PDF
László Kürti 59
Music Review: "Bosnia: Echoes of an Endangered World", "King Ferus: Ferus Mustafov, Macedonian Wedding Soul Cooking", and "Gaida Orchestra: Bagpipe Music from the Rhodope Mountains" PDF
Lynn Maners 60-61
Conference Report: Ideology in Balkan Anthropological Research PDF
Paul Nixon 62-64

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