Vol 18, No 2 (2000)

Papers from the ninth annual Soyuz conference "Views from Within: The Ethnographic Perspective on Post-Communist Culture and Society."  With guest editor Nelson Hancock. 

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-3
Editor's Notes PDF
Robert Rotenberg 4

Special Issue Section

A Note from the Guest Editor: Views from Within: The Ethnographic Perspective on Post-Communist Culture and Society PDF
Nelson Hancock 5-6
Sovereignty, National Identity, and the Black Market Currency Exchange in the Republic of Macedonia PDF
Brian A. Shott 7-15
Gender and NGOs in Post-Soviet Armenia PDF
Armine Ishkanian 17-21
NGOs in Ukraine: The Makings of a "Woman's Space?" PDF
Sarah D. Phillips 23-28
Vision Impaired: The Cultural Politics of Everyday Life in Croatia PDF
Daphne Winland 31-36
The Natural Habitat of Science: Shifting Locations of Freedom and Constraint among Migrant Russian Scientists PDF
Amy Ninetto 37-41
Village Women in 20th Century Russia: Three Generations of Change PDF
David L. Ransel 43-52
The State of Post-Soviet Aphasia: Lacking in the Symbolic PDF
Serguei Alex Oushakine 53-60
Narratives of History, Narratives of Change: The Continuing Creation of Heritage at the Lednice-Valtice Monument Zone PDF
Veronica E. Aplenc 61-65
"I Drink, but at Least I am Clean": Notions of Body and Soul among Homeless Russians PDF
Tova Hojdestrand 67-72
"New Russian" Sightings and the Question of Social Difference in St. Petersburg PDF
Jennifer Patico 73-77
Ethnographic Solutions to the Problems of Russian Adoptees PDF
Rachael Stryker 79-84
The "Whisky Robber": Criminality as a Moral Discourse in Post-'89 Hungary PDF
Maya Nadkarni 85-92


Constructing the "Non-Estonian": The Policy and Politics of Ethnic and European Integration in Estonia PDF
Gregory Feldman 93-99
Who is the 'I' in "I Love You"?: The Negotiation of Gay and Lesbian Identities in Former East Berlin, Germany PDF
Heidi Minning 103-114
Personhood on a Plate: Gender and Food in the Construction of Proper Hungarian Women PDF
Barbara A. West 117-123
Consuming Modernity, Imagining Tradition: Globalization, Nationalism and Wedding Feasts in Post-Colonial Kazakstan PDF
Cynthia Werner 125-134


Comment on Andre Simic Review of Gordy from Robert M. Hayden and Eric D. Gordy PDF
Robert M. Hayden, Eric D. Gordy 135-136
The Persistence of Alternatives Against all Odds: A Response to Andrei Simic, "Conventional Wisdom and Milosevic's Serbia: A Review Essay" (AEER, Vol. 17, No. 1 Spring 2000: 87-95). PDF
Mirjana Prosic-Dvornic 137-143
Book Review: Women Who Become Men: Albanian Sworn Virgins PDF
Karl Kaser 145-146
Political Economics of Aid and Exchange: Book Review Essay PDF
Katherine R. Metzo 147-148

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