Vol 26, No 2 (2008)

Papers from the symposium "Participatory Action Research in East Europe and Russia."

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-2
Editors' Notes PDF
Krista Harper, Julie Hemment 3
Collaborative Anthropology and Participatory Action Research in Central Eastern Europe and Russia PDF
Krista Harper, Julie Hemment 4-6


Community-Based Sustainability Planning and Rural Development in the South-Borsod Region, Hungary PDF
Barbara Bodorkós, Bálint Balázs, Györgyi Bela, György Pataki 7-18
Participatory Action Research for Conserving Crop Genetic Resources: Beans as Gendered Crops in the Őrség-Vendvidék Region, Hungary PDF
Barbara Bodorkós, György Pataki, Ágnes Mérő 19-29
Teaching Participatory Action Research: A Hungarian Experience PDF
Eszter Kelemen, Bálint Balázs 30-35
Who’s Serving Whom? Community Service Learning as Critical Pedagogy at a Time of Neglasnost’ (Non-Transparency) in Russia PDF
Julie Hemment 36-47
Nashi versus Nazi: Anti-Fascist Activity as a Means of Mass Youth Mobilization in Contemporary Russia (translated by Dmitry Borodin) PDF
Oleg Belov 48-55
“I am Concerned about the Quality of Reproduction…”: Russian State Demographic Policy in the Eyes of Youth Movement Activists in Tver’ (translated by Anna Borodina) PDF
Elena Karmalskaia 56-67
Football Fans in Russia as a Would-Be Youth Movement (translated by Dmitry Borodin) PDF
Evgenii Artiushin 68-72

Open Forum Section

Dealing with Difference: Hungarian Civil Sector Efforts to Aid the Roma Minority PDF
Andria D. Timmer 73-81
The Symbolic Value of a Thing: An Analysis of the Kravata in Croatia PDF
Juraj Anzulovic 82-92
Serbia, Betwixt and Between: Culture, Politics and Images of the West PDF
Andrei Simic 93-100

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