Vol 25, No 2 (2007)

Special Issue: Roma & Gadje

A collection of papers from the symposium "Roma and Gadje" with guest editors Yasar Abu Ghosh and Krista Hegburg. 

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-2
Editors' Notes PDF
Krista Harper, Julie Hemment 3-4

Special Issue Section

Guest Editors' Introduction: Roma & Gadje PDF
Krista Hegburg, Yasar Abu Ghosh 5-11
The “Civilized Trap” of Modernity and Romanian Roma, 1918-1934 PDF
Susan Williams 12-27
Romanian Romani Resistance to Genocide in the Matrix of the 'Ţigan' Other PDF
Shannon Woodcock 28-43
Hidden History: Perceptions of the Romani Holocaust in Romania Viewed Through Contemporary Race Relations PDF
Michelle Kelso 44-61
Photo-Essay: The Roma of Slovakia PDF
Julie Denesha 62-66
The Politics of the Census: Of Gypsies, Roms, and Egyptians PDF
Eben Friedman 67-77
Ethnomusicology and Advocacy Research: Theory in Action Among Romani NGOs in Ukraine PDF
Adriana Helbig 78-83
Working with the Athenian Roma: Contemporary Research Methodologies for a Complex Field PDF
Othon Alexandrakis 84-95
Resisting Eviction: Sulukule Roma in Search of Right to Space and Place PDF
Semra Somersan, Süheyla Kırca-Schroeder 96-107
Reproducing Inequalities through Reproductive Control: The Case of Romani Women from Romania PDF
Enikő Magyari-Vincze 108-120
The Revitalization of Diverging Rituals: The Case of Roma and Gadje in a Transylvanian Village PDF
László Fosztó 121-131
“I Must Love Them with All My Heart”: Pentecostal Mission and the Romani Other PDF
Johannes Ries 132-142

Open Forum Section

Czech Political Prisoners: Remembering, Relatedness, Reconciliation PDF
Jana Kopelentova Rehak 143-150


Review of ‘Ethnography of Protected Areas: Endangered Habitats – Endangered Cultures’ (Simonič) PDF
Barbara A. Cellarius 151-153
Review of ‘Dreaming of a Mail-Order Husband: Russian-American Internet Romance’ (Johnson) PDF
Jennifer Patico 154-155

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