Vol 20, No 2 (2002)

Special Issue: New Directions in Postsocialist Studies

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-2
A Note from the Managing Editor PDF
Robert Rotenberg 3

Special Issue Section

Introduction to the Issue: New Issues in Postsocialist Studies PDF
Melissa L. Caldwell 5-8
Discussant Remarks: Mobility, Labor, and Ties that Bind PDF
Sascha Goluboff 9-11
Brain Drain, Bogus Asylum Seekers, and Babies: Conflicting Discourses of Mobility and Fertility in Bulgaria and the European Union PDF
Kristen Ghodsee 13-20
Between Tragedy and Reality: Armenian Women's Labor Migration in the Post-Soviet Period PDF
Armine Ishkanian 23-29
Capitalism and Socialism as Conflicting Cultural Models in Nicaraguan Politics PDF
Bradley Tatar 31-36
Selling Oneself, Selling the Nation: Translating Slovaks for the Eyes of Europe PDF
Jonathan Larson 37-40
Living in Truth: Physics as a Way of Life PDF
Pál Nyíri, Joana Breidenbach 43-51
Body-Alterations and the Creation of the Other: A Macedonian Case PDF
Ilka Thiessen 55-59
"Who Would Create a Czech Feminism?" Challenging Assumptions in the Process of Creating Relevant Feminisms in the Czech Republic PDF
Karen Kapusta-Pofahl 61-68
Endangering Masculinity in Kosova: Can Albanian Women Say No? PDF
Nita Luci 71-79
After the Folkloric Movement: Traditional Life in Post-Socialist Moldova PDF
Jennifer Cash 83-88
Architecture and the State: Moscow Urban Concepts after Socialism PDF
Anna Sokolina 91-101
The Life of Baldan Chimitovich Gomboev: Using Personal Narratives to Approach Buriat Post-Soviet Music PDF
Tristra Newyear 103-107
The Role and Development of Shamanistic Discourse Among Southern Siberian Ethnic Groups in the Post-Soviet Period PDF
Andrei Vinogradov 109-117
(Consumer) Paradise Lost: Capitalist Dynamics and Disenchantment in Rural Bulgaria PDF
Gerald W. Creed 119-125
On the Preferential Treatment of Hungarians Living in Neighbouring Countries PDF
Petteri Laihonen, Heino Nyyssönen 127-133
Nationalism, Marxism, and Western Popular Culture in Yugoslavia: Ideologies, Genuine and Spurious PDF
Andrei Simic 135-144

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