Vol 21, No 1 (2003)

Special Issue: Food and Foodways in Post-Socialist Eurasia

With guest editor Krista Harper.  Please see the contents for details on the special sections: 1) Commensality, Feasts, Eating, and Drinking, 2) Food, Meaning, and Identity, 3) Gender and Food, 4) Food, Health, and Culture, 5) The Political Economy of Food. 

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER editor 1-3
Managing Editor's Notes PDF
Robert Rotenberg 4
Editors' Notes: Food and Foodways in Postsocialist Eurasia PDF
Krista Harper, Barbara West 5-7

Special Issue Section

"Take! Take! Take!" Host-Guest Relations and All that Food: Uzbek Hospitality Past and Present PDF
Russell Zanca 8-16
A Trinity of Siberian Easter-Season Meals PDF
Sharon Hudgins 17-26
Christmas Foodways and Ritual in Northern Germany: Distinctions East and West of the Former Border PDF
Susan Mazur-Stommen 27-29
Consuming the West but Becoming Thrid World: Food Imports and the Experience of Russianness PDF
Jennifer Patico 31-36
Taste and Transformation: Ethnographic Encounters with Food in the Czech Republic PDF
Ben Passmore, Susan Racine Passmore 37-41
Cuisine and Cultural Identity in Balkans PDF
Cristina Bradatan 43-47
"Eating Our Way Back to God": Sacral Nutrition and Acculturation in the Krishna Conscious Lifestyle PDF
Judit Farkas 49-62
Salamander Brandy: "A Psychedelic Drink" Between Media Myth and Practice of Home Alcohol Distillation in Slovenia PDF
Miha Kozorog 63-71
Food, Gender, and Representation PDF
Margarita Jankauskait 73-76
Ambivalent Traditions: Transforming Gender Symbols and Food Practices in the Czech Republic PDF
Haldis Haukanes 77-82
Pincézés: A Drinking-Related Male Social Institution in Rural Hungary PDF
Éva Huseby-Darvas 83-89
The Effects of Perceiving “Weak Health” in Russia: The Case of Breastfeeding PDF
Cynthia Gabriel 91-101
Green Carnivores, Mad Cows, and Gene Tech: The Politics of Food in Hungarian Environmentalism PDF
Krista Harper 103-108
Pivo and Pohoda: The Social Conditions and Symbolism of Czech Beer-Drinking PDF
Timothy M. Hall 109-126
Whaling Products as an Element of Indigenous Diet in Chukotka PDF
Andrew I. Kozlov, Eduard V. Zdor 127-138
Beer Bottles an Bar Signs: Brewing Identity in Postsocialist Poland PDF
Andrew D. Asher 139-147
From Cow to Customer: Informal Marketing of Milk in Albania PDF
Beryl Nicholson 148-158
Dachas and Vegetable Gardens in Belarus Economic and Subjective Stakes of an "Ordinary Passion" PDF
Ronan Hervouet 159-168
Estonian Food Production PDF
Stuart Thorne 169-177
From Házi to Hyper Market: Discourses on Time, Money, and Food in Hungary PDF
Jeff Smith 179-188
The Political and Social Life of Food in Socialist Poland PDF
Kathy Burrell 189-195

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