Vol 21, No 2 (2003)

Special Issue: Ethnographies of Postsocialism

With guest editor Julie Hemment. 

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER editor 1-2

Special Issue Section

Introduction to Special Issue: Ethnographies of Postsocialism PDF
Julie Hemment 3-6
Departures from Home: Czech Perspectives on Difference PDF
David Altshuler 7-12
The New Power of Old Men: Privatisation and Family Relations in Mesterszállás (Hungary) PDF
Tatjana Thelen 15-21
Mapping the Kingdom of Plastic Bags: The Topography of Fairytale Cynicism in Chelnochovsk-Na-Dniestre, Ukraine PDF
Diana R. Blank 23-28
The Challenges of Socialization in Business Education: The Case of the School of Management, St. Petersburg State University PDF
Irina Pshenichnikova 29-36
Protecting the Young and Sending of the Dead: Old Belief and the Politics of “Religious Revival” in the Russian Urals PDF
Douglas J. Rogers 37-40
Drink, Drank, Drunk: A Social-Political Grammar of Russian Drinking Practices in a Colonial Context PDF
David Koester 41-46
Death and the Desecrated: Monuments of the Socialist Past in Post-1989 Bulgaria PDF
Nikolai Voukov 49-54
History, Subversion and Low-Intensity Conflict in the Soviet Union PDF
Robert Owen Krikorian 57-63
Rethinking Development Templates: Women and Microcredit in Post-Socialist Southeastern Europe PDF
Kristen Ghodsee 65-71
Driven Women: Reconceptualizing the Traffic in Women in the Margins of Europe through the Case of Gagauz Mobile Domestics in Istanbul PDF
Leyla J. Keough 73-78
Nationalist Tensions: Tradition and Modernity in Discussions of Kyrgyz Bride-Capture PDF
Ethan Wilensky-Lanford 81-83
The “Nation-ing” of Gender? Donor Policies, Islam, and Women’s NGOs in Post-War Bosnia-Herzegovina PDF
Elissa Helms 85-92
Establishing a Public Sphere in a Croatian Borderland PDF
Dickie Wallace 95-102
Queering Civil Society in Postsocialist Slovakia PDF
Viera Wallace-Lorencová 103-110
Reflections on Fieldwork with Romani Women: Race, Class, and Feminism in Bosnia-Herzegovina PDF
Jennifer Erickson 113-117


Film Review: “Returning Home: Revival of a Bosnian Village” Tone Bringa (Producer, Anthropologist) with Peter Loizos (Consultant) PDF
Elissa Helms 119-121

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