Vol 22, No 1 (2004)

Special Issue: Dance and Music in Eastern Europe

With guest editor Lynn Maners. 

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER editor 1-3

Special Issue Section

Introduction PDF
Lynn Maners 5-6
The Last Dance PDF
László Kürti 7-23
From Banning to Commodity Incorporation: Binding, Bonding, and Banding in Eastern European Music PDF
Jeffrey Alyn Smith 25-36
Dancing Yourself, Dancing for Others: Performing Identity in a Transylvanian-Romanian Folkdance Ensemble PDF
Amy C. Mills 37-49
Transylvanian Dancing in the Final Hour PDF
Wayne B. Kraft 51-59
Reviving Moldova: Social and Political Dimensions of Contemporary Folkloric Performances PDF
Jennifer R. Cash 61-76
Broadcasting Ethnonational Exclusion and Inclusion: Two Musicians in Two Croatias PDF
Dickie Wallace 77-83
The Challenges of Applied Ethnology in Croatia PDF
Tvrtko Zebec 85-92
(Com)Passionately Political: Music of Djordje Balasević PDF
Brana Mijatovic 93-102
Turbo Folk and Dance Music in 1990s Serbia: Media, Ideology and the Production of Spectacle PDF
Ivana Kronja 103-114
Explorations on the Move: Dance in the Republic of Macedonia PDF
Gaelyn Aguilar 115-124
Signifying Self in Plural Cultural Contexts: Subjectivity, Power and Individual Agency in North-Western Greek Macedonia PDF
Ioannis Manos 125-138
Traditional Dance in Greece PDF
Yvonne Hunt 139-143
Men and Women Dancing in the Remembered Past of Podhale Poland PDF
Louise Wrazen 145-154
The Mysterious Voice! American Women Singing Bulgarian Songs PDF
Jamie Lynn Webster 155-169

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