Vol 22, No 2 (2004)

with guest editors Irena Sumi and Hannah Starman

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER editor 1-3

Special Issue Section

Guest Editors' Notes PDF
Irena Šumi, Hannah Starman 4
Hierarchies of Knowledge in Central-Eastern European Anthropology PDF
Michal Buchowski 5-14
Reckoning with the 'Bosnia Troubles': Trauma, Witnessing, and Politics PDF
Jasmina Husanović 15-21
Vanishing Nation: Discussing Nation's Reproduction in Post-Socialist Slovenia PDF
Duška Knežević-Hočevar 22-30
The Romanian Side(s) of Postmodernism PDF
Stefania Mihalache 31-36
Multiculturalism in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenge or Threat? PDF
Maja Muhić 37-44
A Case of Cultural Colonization: Leave Our Death Alone! PDF
Bogdan Popoveniuc 45-53
Cultural and Political Construction of Romani Ethnic Differences in Romological Discourse on Roma in Slovenia PDF
Alenka Janko Spreizer 54-64
Anti-Semitism in Postcommunist Central and Eastern Europe PDF
Hannah Starman 65-75
Postsocialism, or What? Domestication of Power and Ideology in Slovenia PDF
Irena Šumi 76-83
Some Notes on Socialism and Postsocialism: Voices from Within PDF
Theodora Eliza Văcărescu 84-91
Preliminary Reflections on the Challenges of Rethinking Post Colonial and Post-Socialist Realities PDF
Daniel R. Wildcat 92-98
Correspondence: A Response to Brana Mijatović PDF
Andrei Simić 99
Correspondence: A Response to Andrei Simić PDF
Brana Mijatović 100

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